2017 Feng Shui Tips and Cures: Part 2

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Southwest Area in 2017

The Southwest feng shui area is also affected by negative feng shui energies in 2017, which makes it another area to try to keep quiet and not disturb its energies. Water element decor is very good here, as well as the classical feng shui protection symbol or blue rhinoceros (you can also go for a blue color elephant symbol). So blue and black color decor items, pillows, art, as well as flowing shapes are all much welcomed here in 2017. Be sure to avoid a strong presence of the Fire element decor. Also, avoid a strong presence of the Metal element.

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West Area in 2017

The West area of your home or office will host potentially negative energies in 2017. Keep your West area quiet and avoid disturbing it with major renovations, too much activity, etc. Fire element decor is the best way to keep under control the energies here – be it fire colors, fire images, a big lamp or an actual fire feature such as a fireplace or a grouping of candles. Avoid Water and Wood element decor here, avoid moving items (such as a big clock with a moving pendulum, for example).

It is a balancing act here in 2017 because usually the West area loves the Metal and Earth feng shui elements and dislikes the Fire element. However, with the malevolent energy of the visiting star being of the Wood element, all the efforts (subtle ones!) are welcomed to subdue its influence, thus a strong emphasis on the Fire element.

In 2017 there is a presence of another challenging energy here, the so-called Grand Duke of Jupiter/Tai Sui, which makes it even more important to keep the area quiet and calm.

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Northwest Area in 2017

The Northwest area also has challenging energy in 2017. The best way to deal with it is to focus on decorating with the Metal feng shui element, which is really easy because this bagua area loves the Metal element! So use white, gray, gold and silver colors, as well as round shapes or actual decor objects made from metal. Avoid Fire element in your Northwest area home decor. Avoid constant noise, redecoration or renovation in this area in 2017.

The salt water cure is highly recommended here, too, as are the 6 Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon. A metal singing bowl can also serve as an excellent feng shui cure here in 2017; and so does a metal Wu Lou (the Chinese gourd).

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North Area in 2017

The North bagua area contains the energy of career success in 2017 brought by the beneficial Metal element Star #6. So, it goes without saying that the feng shui element decor and cures that support this energy are the Metal element decor cures such as Chinese coins, for example, or the more suitable (and subtle) feng shui Metal element decor items such as metal photo frames, round shapes, colors white and gray, etc.

This is really easy to do because Metal element decor is usually recommended in this bagua area (Metal element nourishes/creates the Water element of the North area in the productive cycle of the 5 feng shui elements).

Home decor items that express the in Earth element such as earthy colors, square shapes, etc are also good here in 2017 to support this beneficial visiting star. Natural rock crystals are excellent in the North area in 2017, especially the ones with a Metal element presence such as pyrite or hematite. From the classical Chinese feng shui cures, a metal sculpture of the Laughing Buddha can be excellent here.

Northeast Area in 2017

The Northeast bagua area has joyful energies in 2017 brought by the feng shui Star #4 connected to romance and education. The energy of this visiting star is of the Wood element. So, both Water and Wood elements decor and feng shui cures are very good here because they nurture the energy of the visiting feng shui star. You can also bring your love cures to this area in 2017 as this is another feng shui love area this year. From romantic photos to the double happiness sign, choose your own representation of love and romance energy.

Do your best to avoid strong Fire and Metal element decor here because this will weaken the auspicious energy of the area. From classical Chinese feng shui cures, you can display the Mandarin ducks, the lucky bamboo plant or a blue color statue of Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy. Lush green plants and fresh flowers are welcomed here in 2017 as they help create vibrant, fresh Chi.

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Center Area in 2017

The Center feng shui bagua area is expected to have excellent energy in 2017, the so-called White Star #1 (of Water element). This feng shui star brings beneficial energy to strengthen your overall success and good luck energy (mostly connected to your career success).

Best feng shui cures for this area are the ones that express the Water feng shui element, so feel free to add as many of Water element decor items here in 2017 as your heart pleases. Blue or black color pillows, rugs or blankets, or images of water are all good here. Mirrors or mirror-like surfaces are also welcomed, as are flowing shapes in your overall decor theme (flowing shapes being the expression of the Water feng shui element energy).

So, feel free to choose any of the above cures, as well as your own representation of the energy of good luck and success (just be sure to express this energy in the colors and shapes of the Water element). The feng shui decor items to avoid here in 2017 are the ones with strong Wood or Earth element colors, shapes, etc.

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So, there you have it, the good and the bad feng shui areas for 2017. Apply them wisely and only if they make sense to you. And, most importantly, be sure that any feng shui cure you grace your home or office with, is there because you like it. Because you feel connected to its energy and the cure makes sense in your space.

I wish you a very beautiful 2017 full of love, creative explorations, and endless joy!

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