Annual Feng Shui Cures for Your Home and Office

Apply the annual feng shui updates in a calm and empowered way

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With each new year (Chinese New Year), there is always a flurry of activity related to the annual feng shui updates for a home or office.

Even though the feng shui updates are often presented in a very fearful (if not ignorant!) way, you can implement them in a calm, intelligent and very effective way, too.

What are the annual feng shui updates and should you care to make any changes in your home or office because of them?

The annual updates are based on a feng shui school called the flying stars school of feng shui that charts the movement of specific energies, called stars, each year. Some of these energies are positive, and some are negative.

This is a classical feng shui school so the annual updates are usually implemented with the classical feng shui bagua, not the Western/BTB one.

The key to understanding the best cures in the annual feng shui updates is to understand the relationship between the five feng shui elements.

Once you clearly see and understand how they interact – the main cycles of the five feng shui elements are the productive and the destructive cycles –  you will start applying the annual feng shui cures with ease and confidence.

There is no need to make the annual changes based on fear; understand that most fearful annual feng shui info comes from sources that also happen to sell the annual feng shui cures.

I highly encourage you to apply the annual feng shui updates in a calm and happy manner, and when something is not clear, or it doesn’t make sense, go with your best judgement.  

Ultimately, the power is in you, and not in any external feng shui cure, always remember that.

Even though I have many articles about the annual feng shui cures on my website, recently our youtube feng shui channel subscriber suggested I make a video on annual feng shui updates.

My initial thought was “Great idea, but no, thank you”. However, I guess this was meant to be, because the idea just kept bothering me (for the lack of  a better word!), so I had to make time for it.

So, here is the annual feng shui tips + cures video; it presents the annual feng shui updates in a clear and easy manner.

Here is the article mentioned in the video: How Do I Apply the Annual Feng Shui Updates?

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