2018 Feng Shui Updates for the Western Bagua

How to apply the annual 2018 feng shui updates with the Western bagua of your home or office

I always suggest not to combine the two feng shui schools and not to apply the annual feng shui updates with the Western bagua unless you have enough strength of commitment, have been practicing feng shui for a while, and know the bagua of your home by heart. So if you are reading this, I assume that you are ready to deal with the complexity of combining two different feng shui bagua schools in your home decorating. Or, maybe you are just curious, which is a good reason to be here, too!

Before we look into the 2018 feng shui updates, let me remind you that good feng shui is actually constant work and its foundation is mostly based on logical steps, such as keeping your home clean and clutter free, having enough natural light to nourish your space, good quality air, etc.Let’s proceed step by step (or more like bagua area by bagua area) and see how to apply the annual 2018 feng shui updates with the Western bagua. I will follow the same principle I use with the annual 2018 updates for the classical bagua, instead of dividing the bagua into good and bad areas we will go area by area in the clockwise motion.

Notice that the traditional representation of the bagua –- no matter Classical or BTB bagua -– is with the South direction on top (or Fame area in case of the BTB bagua), so I say clockwise considering this feng shui bagua dynamic. Let’s start with your Health and Family area, placed mid left on your Western bagua map.

Health and Family Feng Shui Bagua Area in 2018

In 2018 this bagua area is hosting some challenging energy called star #7 associated with lack of protection, robbery, etc. The classical feng shui cure for this negative star is the presence of a blue color Rhinoceros. You can also use the image of a blue elephant if you resonate with it more.  The main focus in this bagua area in 2018 would be on various cures expressing the Water feng shui element, as this both weakens the energy of the visiting negative star, as well as strengthens the native element of this bagua area, which is the Wood feng shui element.

Examples of good feng shui Water element cures are fountains, images of water, mirrors,  as well as any decor items in colors blue and black. Even though crystals are usually an excellent feng shui cure for this bagua area, in 2018 it is best to limit them here as the Earth element of crystals strengthens the Metal element of the visiting negative star.

Money and Abundance Feng Shui Bagua Area in 2018

The Money and Abundance area is one of the luckiest, most auspicious areas in 2018. The annual energy here is called the star of wealth, which doubles the potential of this area to attract and hold the energy of wealth and abundance for you. Both Fire and Earth feng shui element cures are highly recommended here in order to welcome and strengthen the energy of prosperity. Some of the most popular Fire element feng shui cures that you can use are candles, Himalayan salt lamps, images of fire, and, of course, a variety of decor items in fiery colors such as red, magenta pink, orange, purple and yellow.

When it comes to Earth element cures, crystals are definitely the most potent and popular cure, with amethyst, citrine, and pyrite being often used in feng shui wealth cures. You can go for actual crystals, or for a gem tree as a feng shui cure for wealth. Be sure to also express in this bagua area your intent for welcoming the energy of wealth into your life. You can do that with a variety of Classical feng shui cures such as Chinese coins, golden ingots, money frogs, money plant, etc or find your own representation of the energy of wealth to hold this intent for you.

Fame and Reputation Feng Shui Bagua Area in 2018

The Fame and Reputation area of your home is another lucky and auspicious area in 2018. The visiting star here brings the energy of academic success, romance, and creativity. Treat this as your secondary Love and Marriage area in 2018 with your favorite feng shui love cures. Focus on choosing your cures so that they express the Earth feng shui element in their colors or look, as this is the best feng shui element to decorate this area in 2018. A stack of books or any other items that express the love of learning, exploration, and creativity are also good in this area, and so are fresh flowers to keep the energy happy and fresh. If you like working with vision boards, this is an excellent bagua area to display them.

Love and Marriage Feng Shui Bagua Area in 2018

The string of lucky bagua areas continues with an auspicious star visiting your Love and Marriage area in 2018. This is a star connected to career success and its element is Metal. To keep both the native element of this area, as well as the visiting star happy and strong, focus on decorating with Earth element cures such as crystals, earthy colors, terracotta art, etc. Because the energy of the visiting star brings potential career success blessings, it is good to welcome this energy with an item related to your career visions and goals. Do not make it a focal point as this is your Love and Marriage area, so the focus here should always be on the energy of love! Just find a small symbol or any item that sparks the energy of inspiration connected to your career and place it here in 2018.

Children and Creativity Feng Shui Bagua Area in 2018

This bagua area host challenging energy in 2018 with the negative energy of ill health. To be sure it does not affect you, focus on a variety of Metal element cures in order to weaken its energy. Some examples of good feng shui Metal element cures for this area are: a metal Buddha sculpture (the Medicine Buddha is excellent here), a singing bowl, a metal bell or a metal Wu Lou. Of course, you can always use your creativity and bring the metal element energy with a variety of modern decor items — from silver trays to metal artwork. Be mindful to limit the Fire element here as Fire element decor can create havoc here this year (and is generally not recommended for this bagua area in any year). As with all challenging feng shui bagua areas, keep this bagua area quiet and do not disturb it with too much activity or renovation work.

Helpful People and Blessings Feng Shui Bagua Area in 2018

The Helpful People and Blessings bagua area is hosting a very auspicious star in 2018 connected to the energy of overall luck and success in life. It is a Water element star in a Metal element area, so this is easy to support. However, there is a layer of negative energy here in 2018, too called the Grand Duke, which means it is wise to do your best and keep this bagua area quiet and undisturbed. The traditional Chinese feng shui cure for the presence of this negative energy is a Pi Yao statue.

Best feng shui cures for this area in 2018 are based on Metal and Water element decorating. Examples of Metal element decorating are a metal Buddha statue (very appropriate for this area), 6 Chinese coins, Ru Yi (since it is connected to the energy of the visiting star), singing bowls, etc. The Water element is of course expressed with fountains, images of water, mirrors, flowing shapes, etc. A sense of glorious, victorious energy is much liked by this visiting star, so you can bring your own representation of the energy of victory (a traditional Chinese feng shui cure for this star is the energy of galloping horses).

Career and Path in Life Feng Shui Bagua Area in 2018

This bagua area holds the most challenging energy in 2018 — a negative visiting star called the yellow star and an additional layer of negative energy called the 3 killings. It goes without saying that it is best to keep this area as quiet as possible and leave any planned renovations for next year. Because this negative star is of the Earth element, the most potent cures to weaken its energy are the Metal element cures. A 6-rod hollow wind chime is a cure that is usually recommended for his star, and so is a metal Kuan Yin statue, or 6 Chinese coins.

Avoid all Fire and Earth element decor; you can bring some Water element cures to support the native energy of this bagua area. A salt water cure is recommended in this area in 2018 to take care of its potentially negative energy. The traditional Chinese feng shui cure for the energy if 3 killings present here in 2018 is the symbol of the 3 celestial guardians.

Spiritual Growth and Self-Cultivation Bagua Area in 2018

The Spiritual Growth area is hosting a negative star in 2018, a star bringing the energy of quarrels and bad luck. To stop this energy from spreading, focus on Metal and Fire element decor cures, as this will weaken the Wood element of this negative star. Use candles, bright fiery colors, Himalayan salt lamps, images of fire, etc to bring the Fire element into this area. The Metal element can be brought with a variety of metal decor items such as statues, trays, bowls, etc. A metal Buddha statue can be excellent here. Avoid decorating this area with any items representing the Wood and Water elements and do your best to keep the area quiet and undisturbed. A good feng shui advice for this area of your house in 2018 is to have a light source on most of the time (if possible).

The Yin Yang Point/Center/Heart of the Home in 2018

The heart of your home is hosting a wonderful and auspicious star in 2018 called the star of future wealth. The essence of this star is of Fire element energy, so best feng shui decor for this area in 2018 will be based on expressing the Wood and the Fire elements. Examples of excellent feng shui cures of the Wood element with the energy of abundance are the money plants, the lucky bamboo, fresh flowers, as well as images of lush landscapes. The Fire element is brought with candles, Himalayan salt lamps, images of fire and a variety of fiery colors such as red, orange, purple, pink and yellow.

You can also work with number 9 — this is the number of this star, as well as the highest number overall — in order to multiply the energy of your feng shui cures. Any cure that expresses number 9, such as 9 candleholders placed on your altar here, an image of 9 purple flowers, etc, will do the job. Use your creativity in expressing the energy of future wealth as this is always good feng shui.

This concludes the 2018 feng shui updates for those who work with the Western/BTB bagua.  All the very best to you and your family in 2018!

Photo source: Heidi Merrick for Anthology/Laure Joliet Photography

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