Feng Shui and Essential Oils

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I’ve been using essential oils for a very long time. Natural crystals along with essential oils are a big love of mine and my house is a happy place for both. Feng shui-wise, these two – along with healthy, vibrant plants – are the most potent feng shui energy cures to bring into your space.

As feng shui is all about bringing the vibrant energy of Nature into our often poorly designed dwellings, the potency of crystals, essential oils and plants is obvious; there are no other natural elements that have so much power and are so easy to consistently benefit from indoors.

I will be writing more about feng shui and various essential oils, and how you can use them to best benefit you and your home.

We had a popular interactive online form to the use of various essential oils on the old TchiConsulting site, but could not transfer it to the new site. Not to fear, though, as we have a new and easy online feng shui guide to essential oils coming very soon!

You will be able to easily check the feng shui properties of the most popular essential oils, along with easy and practical ways to use them in your home.

For now, if you are absolutely new to essential oils, just be sure to buy a small bottle of any essential oil – be it lavender, rosemary or peppermint – and carry it with you for a few days. Don’t forget to use it, too!

You will see what a difference it makes.

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