The Power of Water Feng Shui Element

Easy feng shui decorating with water  element: bring flow, function and freedom into your home

The water feng shui element, in all its gentleness and grace, is a very powerful element; in fact, water is one of the most powerful forces of nature.

It is a different kind of power, the one that often takes you by surprise and encompasses all extremes – it can be a very powerful healer, as well as the ultimate destroyer.

Water is the only element out of the 5 feng shui elements that can exist in several different states – from liquid (water) to gaseous (vapours) to solid (ice). This metamorphosis emphasizes the potent and often untapped mystery of the water element energy.

The water feng shui element is also about the only element that is very free in its presence and expression – it can fall from the skies (rain), it can joyfully run, rest or play on the surface of the earth (rivers, lakes, oceans) as well as penetrate the deepest chambers of the inner earth (underground water).

No wonder “feng shui” means “wind and water”!

Wind being the expression of air (which we obviously cannot live without) and water being the ultimate queen of all elements and the darling of them all :) – from plants to animals to humans.

Ok, so without me going on and on about the awesome power of water, let’s look at why you need the presence of this element in your home, where you need it and how to do your best in expressing the water element in your space, be it home or office.

WHEN To Decorate with the Water Feng Shui Element:

Just as water is essential for life on earth, so is this element essential in your home or office decorating. The first way the water energy expresses itself is in flowing, meandering pathways – which are modelled after water flow and are always good feng shui!

Color-wise, you might want to bring more of the water element with its endless variety of blue to calm, cool and refresh your space, as well as promote a deeper sense of connection to life mysteries.

Water is also an ancient symbol of abundance, so be sure you are skillful at expressing the water element in your space in order to attract more abundance.


WHERE To Focus on the Water Element Decor:

The Water feng shui element is needed in the North, East and Southeast bagua areas of your home or office (if you are working with the Classical feng shui bagua).

If you are working with the Western/BTB bagua, then bring a strong Water feng shui element decor in your Career & Path in Life, Health & Family and Money & Abundance bagua areas.


HOW To Decorate with the Water Feng Shui Element:

The healing, life giving and mysterious energy of the Water element can be expressed in colors blue and black, in a variety of water features, in flowing shapes, images of water, mirrors, as well as numerous decor items in blue and black colors.


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