13 Challenging Front Door Features and What They Say About You (+Solutions)

13 (Mostly Negative) Feng Shui Features of a Front Door — Discover the Hidden and Powerful Feng Shui Lingo

The front door of a home or business has an almost diva status in feng shui — it is very, very important and needs to be paid constant attention. Considered the mouth of Chi, or Universal energy, a good front door has the power to attract a lot of goodness into your life, while a front door with questionable energy will do the opposite.

I have many articles about the proper feng shui care of a front door, as well as a popular ebook on how to attract good luck with a good feng shui front door.  You can read them all to gain knowledge on various feng shui aspects of your front door. Here I want to simply make you more aware of the language of your front door — what it says about you and what it does to your life.

1. Not Ready for Anything Good

There should be no obstructions in front of the main door such as a lamppost, the water hydrant, a tree blocking the view of the door or a neighbors house closer than 300 feet to the door. An ideal feng shui front door is facing an open space with a free flow of vibrant Chi coming towards it.  The concept of Ming Tang meaning Bright Hall means there is auspicious open space in front of the main door that allows for the attraction and absorption of the most beneficial and auspicious energies for the home and for the family who lives there.

2. We are Either Not Here or Just do Not Want You

The front door has to be well lit in order to attract auspicious Chi.  A door with poor or absent lighting will tend to attract a yin/inauspicious quality of energy.

3.  Leave as Soon as You Come In

The front door should not be facing/aligned with the back door or a big wall to wall window as this will create a poor quality of energy in the house leading to potential low vitality/health problems, as well as difficulty building wealth.All the good energy coming through the front door will shortly escape via the back door or the big window without having the possibility to “visit” all rooms in the house and nourish them with good Chi.

4. No Good Chi Where We Are

There should be no staircase facing the front door within a few feet upon entry, as this will weaken the incoming Chi and leave very little energy to nourish the main floor of the house. A main floor with weak Chi creates poor feng shui for the whole house.

5. No Good Chi Allowed

A wall facing the front door within a few feet upon entry is bad feng shui and should be avoided as it blocks all the good Chi from coming into the house.

6.  Tone It Down, Not Ready for Much Goodness

There should be no low beams right upon opening the front door as this can lower the quality and speed of auspicious Chi.

7. Just Go Back

The same goes for a big mirror directly opposite the front door — it will bounce back all the good energy that the house needs in order to maintain good health, wealth and vitality levels for the family.

8.  Used to Constant Bad Vibes

A bathroom facing the front door is really bad feng shui and should be avoided at all costs. This setup traps all the good Chi that comes in, as well as infuses it with low vibrations before it spreads into the house.

9. Not Enough Energy

For good feng shui, the front door should not be directly aligned with any other door, be it the door to another room or a closet or garage door. This creates a sort of vacuum of good energy for the house because all the incoming Chi gets sucked in by just one room.

10. Focused on Survival

A front door opening into a kitchen within a few feet from it is questionable feng shui and best avoided. It is especially bad feng shui when you can see the stove from the front door.

11. Asking for Trashy Energy

Avoid placing trash or recycling bins in close proximity to the front door as this will create a poor quality of energy outside the house and negatively influence the energy inside the house.

12.  Always Insecure, Exposed and Vulnerable

A front door exposed to frequent winds creates inauspicious feng shui and can negatively influence the health of the family. If this is your door, find creative ways to protect it from harsh elements.

13. Wrong Dress for the Right Party

The wrong feng shui color and decor for the feng shui direction of a front door will negatively influence the incoming energy, thus creating weak or negative energy in the whole house. To find the right color and the right feng shui decor for your front door, you need to match the needs of the feng shui element of its compass direction.

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