2018 Feng Shui Tips and Cures for Your Home

The annual feng shui updates for 2018

The ancient art of feng shui has many levels, schools, and applications, the annual feng shui updates being one of the most popular and sought out info. I am asked as early as October when will I have the feng shui updates for the next year! So, here come the 2018 feng shui updates for your reading pleasure. As always, the annual updates are presented in a clear and practical manner so that you can easily understand and apply the 2018 info in your home or office. Should you rush into buying new, 2018 feng shui cures for your home or can you reuse the ones you have? When exactly do you apply the 2018 cures? And what if you have an important area of your home — such as your bedroom or your front door —  located in a bad 2018 feng shui area?

I will answer all these questions and help you make sense of complex feng shui info. However, you have to promise me one thing :) — to use the intelligence of your mind and the brightness of your heart in applying any feng shui info, including the 2018 tips. Feng shui is an ancient art that often uses “coded” language to express the essence of various universal energies, so it can be highly misunderstood and misinterpreted.  Stay smart and calm no matter what feng shui info you read, and apply only what that feels right to you and your home. The power is in you, not in any external cure, so do not give it away so easily.

Let’s start with a bit of a background for those who are new to the concept of the annual 2018 feng shui updates. The annual feng shui updates come from a traditional feng shui school called the Flying Stars school and are used with the classical feng shui bagua. This feng shui school defines the time-related movement of good and bad feng shui energies in any space and calls these energies stars. Basically, each star — out of the total of 9 stars — carries either positive or negative energy. In the bagua areas of your home that have beneficial 2018 feng shui stars you can apply specific feng shui cures to benefit from good energy and strengthen it; and in the bagua areas with challenging feng shui stars in 2018, you are encouraged to apply specific cures to negate the possible unwelcome effects. There are five positive feng shui stars and four negative stars, so good energy always prevails.

The 2018 feng shui updates serve as an additional layer of energy, as a way to strengthen the energy of your home considering the movement of these various stars. This assumes that you have already worked with the bagua of your home and have a good feng shui foundation overall. If this is the first feng shui article you are reading and you are not sure what I mean by “2018 feng shui” or the “classical feng shui bagua”, these two short videos will help you:

Video 1: Feng Shui Bagua: Clear and Simple
Video 2: How To Define the Classical Bagua of Your Home or Office

If your home feng shui is based on the Western bagua, it is best not to apply the 2018 updates because mixing the two feng shui bagua schools can create a lot of confusion. However, if you are really determined to apply the 2018 feng shui updates with the Western bagua — and I know many readers are! — I have all the info ready for you, too. Read: How To Apply the 2018 Feng Shui Updates with the Western/BTB Bagua

Now we are ready to explore what is happening with various feng shui energies in 2018, the year of the Earth Dog. I always write my updates by bagua area in order to make it easier to visualize it in your space. Let’s start with the East bagua area and move clockwise from there. As a reminder, the annual feng shui cures are always applied on the Solar New Year, which is February 4, 2018. The actual Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) starts on February 16, 2018.

East Feng Shui Bagua Area in 2018

After hosting beautiful energy in the past year, the East area is bracing in 2018 for the energies of the negative star #7. This feng shui star is associated with unexpected events of a challenging nature that are usually related to the energy of protection (yours or your home’s protection). The element of this visiting star is Metal, and the element of the East bagua area is Wood.

If you are familiar with the interaction of the 5 feng shui elements, you can see right away that the negative star has more potency in this bagua area based on the fact that Metal cuts the Wood in the destructive cycle of the feng shui elements. As the East area is connected to the energy of health and family well-being, this is a good place to start introducing subtle feng shui cures in 2018 in order to neutralize the potentially negative effects of this star.

Here’s how you can neutralize the potentially negative energies in the East area in 2018:

1. Focus on Water element feng shui cures in order to exhaust the Metal element of the visiting negative star, and at the same time to strengthen the native Wood element of the East area. There is a variety of Water cures you can bring into your East area — fountains, mirrors, images of water, decor elements such as pillows, rugs, lampshades, etc in flowing shapes and predominantly in colors of blue and black (the colors of the Water element). Even a simple bowl of water that you keep fresh and change daily, with a clear intention, will work well as a feng shui cure for the East area in 2018. Read: How To Decorate with the Water Element

2. Limit the presence of crystals in the East area in 2018. Even though an excellent overall cure for the East area, in 2018 crystals are not ideal here as their element — the Earth feng shui element — is strengthening to the Metal element of the visiting negative star.

3. Use the popular classical feng shui cure for this area — the image of a blue rhinoceros. His energy is associated with strong protection, and the blue color brings the energy of the needed Water element. There are many ways you can bring this image with subtle decor details, or you can go for the actual traditional cure in a lucky charm form. You can also substitute the image of rhinoceros for the image of the elephant, preferably in the Water feng shui element colors, too.

4. Avoid too much activity in this area, and avoid renovation here this year; this is a typical feng shui recommendation for any bagua area that is hosting a negative star.

Southeast Feng Shui Bagua Area in 2018

The Southeast area of your home continues to shine and sparkle! In 2018 the auspicious star #8 is visiting the Southeast area, making it one of the luckiest, most auspicious bagua areas in your home or office. The feng shui energy of wealth is doubled here in 2018 — the Southeast area is the bagua area of Wealth and Prosperity —  and the nature of the visiting star #8 is wealth, too (it is actually called the star of Wealth). So, as you can see, this is a very auspicious combination to definitely do your best to benefit from!

The element of the visiting star is Earth, and the element of the Southeast bagua area is Wood.  In order to avoid a slight imbalance — and of course, depending on what is already happening in your feng shui decor in this area — here’s what is recommended for this bagua area in 2018:

1. Focus on a moderate presence of the Fire element in order to strengthen and nourish the Earth element of the visiting star. Examples of Fire element decorating are many — from red pillows to candles, purple throws, yellow rugs and more. The Himalayan salt lamps are an excellent feng shui Fire element cure with a moderate energy.

Why do I say “moderate” Fire and why do I recommend Fire element before bringing the Earth element for the visiting star? (Note this paragraph might be a bit complex so definitely skip it if the notion of 5 elements is very new to you.) If you bring more Earth without emphasizing Fire first, you will strengthen the native Wood element, too, which in turn will weaken the Earth of the visiting star. Because by its nature the dynamic between the Earth and the Wood elements will always be a bit weakening to the Earth element, we want to strengthen the Earth while keeping the Wood in check just a bit. Read: How To Decorate with the Fire Element

2. Decorate this area with a variety of Earth feng shui element cures, crystals being one of the most popular (and powerful!) cure. Choose from a variety of crystals or just bring some beautiful rocks from the forest or the beach (if appropriate). Along with crystals, decor items with square shapes (the shape of the Earth element), earthy colors or images of landscapes are very good here. The most popular feng shui crystals associated with the wealth energy are pyrite, citrine, and amethyst.

3. Strengthen the energy of wealth here with your own representation of wealth, be it with an image, a specific object or even your clear intent written and displayed in a special way. Of course, you can always bring the classical feng shui wealth cures, too, such as golden ingots, Chinese coins, wealth vases, gem trees, money frogs, feng shui fish and other charms (we have them all in our online store). The Southeast area is brimming with auspiciousness and awesome wealth energy in 2018, make the best of it!

South Feng Shui Bagua Area in 2018

After hosting a very challenging energy in the past year, the South area is getting a well-deserved break with the auspicious star #4 visiting it in 2018. The essence of this feng shui star promotes academic success and the love of learning.  This star also brings luck in romance, as well as creative endeavors. It is a very beneficial star of the Wood element. As the native element of the South bagua area is Fire, you need to focus on taming the Fire so as not to burn the auspicious energy brought by this star.

The Wood element cures are usually excellent to strengthen this star, but not this year (as this will also strengthen the Fire that burns the Wood). It is a fine (and often complex) dance you have to perform in order to keep all elements happy while emphasizing the ones you need the most. Here’s how you can do this in the South bagua area in 2018:

1. Focus on Earth feng shui element cures as this will tame the Fire of the South and give strength to the Wood of the visiting star. You can bring a variety of crystals, including crystals in fiery colors such as amethyst and carnelian, for example. You can also choose to bring more earthy colors in your decorating for this area in 2018. Read: How To Decorate with the Earth Feng Shui Element

2. Display fresh flowers in this area, and keep them fresh and happy.

3. Placing a stack of books or a bookshelf in this area will strengthen the potential academic success granted by this visiting star.

4. Use the romantic potential of this star by displaying feng shui love cures, be it modern or classical. Choose any symbol or modern decor item that speaks to you of love — such as a statue of lovers, for example — or go for traditional feng shui cures such as the double happiness sign, the Mandarin ducks or the Dragon & Phoenix symbol.

5. The South area is a good area in 2018 to display your vision board (if you have or want to create one).

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