10 Lucky Colors To Wear in 2018

2018 Lucky Colors To Wear (based on Feng Shui)

Are you curious about the lucky colors to wear in 2018? Colors of clothing, jewelry, and any other accessories to harmonize with the energy of 2018? Ok then, let’s start. 2018 is the year of the Earth feng shui element Dog. What that means is that the energy of this specific zodiac sign is expressed in the qualities of the Earth feng shui element, such as warmth, reliability, loyalty, stability, nourishment, and protection. As the qualities of the Dog zodiac sign are very earthy, too — they are known to be very loyal, trustworthy and protective — 2018 has the potential to be a harmonious year with a bounty of blessings for all of us.

In feng shui, color is considered one of the strongest expressions of the feng shui elements. To benefit the most from the potentially very beneficial energy of 2018, this ancient art has a lot of lucky tips and cures to help align one with the energy of the year. While to some it might sound superstitious (or silly) to even consider the notion of lucky colors, crystals — or anything lucky for that matter! — you will be wise to understand that we are talking about energy here. And, most importantly, the quality of energy you choose to support and align yourself with. Color being one of the most potent expressions of energy, feng shui has recommendations for lucky colors to wear each year. It’s that simple!

Before we delve into all the lucky colors to wear in 2018, note that you also have your best, or lucky feng shui colors for life, so to speak. This info is based on your birth feng shui element, and I have all your lucky colors info ready for you. Read: Your Personal Feng Shui Lucky Colors

Now let’s actually talk about the lucky colors to wear in 2018! The luckiest colors to wear in 2018 are the colors of the Earth feng shui element. It is easy to understand why — you want to be aligned and in harmony with the element of the year. In other words, you want to appreciate its essence, and be friendly and on the same wavelength. The second choice of lucky colors for 2018 are the colors of the Fire feng shui element because Fire feeds/creates the Earth element in the productive cycle of the five feng shui elements. This knowledge can be quite complex, but if you have the desire (and the time) I have detailed info for you on what the five feng shui elements are, how they interact and, more importantly, how to decorate your home for good feng shui by using the five elements theory.

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Are there colors that are unlucky, or best to avoid wearing too often in 2018? Yes, there are. Again, this is based on the play of the five feng shui elements. The elements that are weakening the energy of the Earth element of 2018 are the Water, the Wood, and the Metal elements. Again, this is all based on specific interactions of the feng shui elements. To help you with visually understanding how various colors express specific feng shui elements, I have created a feng shui visual to help with your choice of best colors, here it is: Get To Know the Feng Shui Colour Wheel

Now let me just put all this info in several simple lists.

The luckiest colors to wear in 2018

Terracotta (Clay)
Light Yellow

Other lucky colors to wear in 2018


Colors to avoid wearing often in 2018


As always, I encourage you to apply any feng shui info wisely. I am not saying to avoid some colors altogether in 2018. Use your common sense here. For example, I love green color and I do wear quite a bit of black, too, especially when working with clients (black color tends to center and focus one’s energy by eliminating any distractions). So I am not going to make radical changes in my wardrobe. However, what I do is work very mindfully with choosing the best energy for any given moment. If I am going to an important for me event, for example, I will make a point to honour the energy of the year with specific colors. These do not have to be big fashion pieces, it is all a matter of a clear and strong intent.

Crystals are also big this year since they are the most perfect representation of the Earth feng shui element. So, be sure you have some beautiful crystals in your home, as well as a few pieces of jewelry with natural crystals. Most crystals are not expensive and do such a great job of protecting and nourishing your energy! Some of my favorite crystals that can work well in 2018 are carnelian, amethyst and tigers eye. Of course, the hematite and the amazing shungite are also excellent as they provide very grounding energies. Read: How to Benefit from Feng Shui Crystals

Apart from wearing the lucky feng shui colors often throughout the year, it is also a big tradition to wear them at the New Year celebration. You actually get to celebrate twice (if you wish!) as the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) starts on a different day each year. in 2018, the Chinese New Year starts on February 16, 2018.

2018 should be a year with more stable, calm and grounding energy as compared to the fiery energy of the previous year. Of course, this implies that you have done your absolute best to release into the fiery energy of the year all the old and stagnant energies that are no longer needed in your life. This was one of the major gifts of the Fire Rooster energy of 2017 — it highly prompted us (and sometimes strongly pushed) — to get rid of the old so that it can herald the birth of the new. I wish you a very happy and magical 2018, no matter which colors you choose to wear.

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