5 Feng Shui Bedroom Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

I have been in over 1,000 bedrooms in my 20 years of feng shui consulting practice.  Even though most of the homes I consulted for — be it in person or long distance — are well taken care of homes, only a few of the bedrooms would be considered good feng shui bedrooms. Not that they were not beautiful or not lovingly decorated; most of them were as it takes a certain level of readiness to go for a feng shui consultation! A good feng shui bedroom goes beyond the attractive look and feel;  it requires energy awareness, as well as correct feng shui knowledge in order to create healing and nourishing energy.

You might not always be able to have a perfect feng shui bedroom for many reasons, be they extended travel, a big renovation or any other change in personal circumstances. Still, once you know the do’s and dont’s of a bedroom with good feng shui, you can start applying this knowledge as soon as your circumstances allow.

Why would it be important to create a good feng shui bedroom for yourself and for your loved ones? Simply because a bedroom with good energy is one of the best supporters of your health and well being. You spend 7-9 hours in the bedroom each night, and for most of this time you are in the sleep state (hopefully!); that makes your energy highly susceptible to the quality of energy of all the surrounding elements in your bedroom.

The bedroom is also the sacred space to cultivate the energy of sensual healing, this is important no matter if you are currently single or in a relationship.  The creation of a bedroom with sensual energy can take quite a bit of effort as it is an energy that has to be mindfully and heart-fully maintained on a regular basis. For this sensual, nourishing and life-sustaining energy to stay, though, the bedroom has to have a good feng shui foundation first.

As sometimes we learn the most by mistakes, here are 5 most common feng shui decorating bedroom mistakes that I highly suggest you avoid in your bedroom!

1. Decorate with tall mirrors facing the bed

Mirrors can be very beautiful and alluring. especially the very tall mirrors in rich thick frames. Mirrors are also a very powerful feng shui cure used for a variety of energetic purposes. Placed properly, mirrors can create a sense of luxury, expansion, and beauty as no other decor element can. However, when it comes to a good feng shui bedroom, a big tall mirror is always best to avoid. The biggest feng shui mistake is to have a mirror facing the bed, as this can create challenging energy not only for the dynamic between the couple, but also for one’s health in general. Be smart and find a different place in your house for that stunning mirror you were planning to decorate your bedroom with.

2. Place the TV in your bedroom

All the effort you put into creating a good feng shui bedroom can be easily negated if you decide to place a TV there, it’s that simple. You cannot have a good feng shui bedroom with a TV in it; whatever energy is emitted while you are watching TV will take over the bedroom and negate most of your efforts. So, it is important to make a choice — either you want a bedroom with nourishing and sensual energy to support your health and well-being (as well as the health of your relationship), or you just want the comfort of watching the TV from your bed at any cost. Allowing a TV into your bedroom is like intending to live a healthy lifestyle, stocking your kitchen with a variety of healthy goodies and then adding junk food everywhere the eyes can look. Think about it and see if that’s a choice aligned with your goals.

3. Decorate with a variety of plants and flowers

It might sound strange to hear that decorating your bedroom with a variety of plants and flowers is a feng shui mistake, but bear with me for a bit. Feng shui is all about good, vibrant and healthy energy, so it goes without saying that plants and flowers are a great feng shui addition to almost any space. They will raise the vibration of the space, bring beauty, purify the air, as well as create a specific quality of energy needed in specific feng shui areas of the house called bagua areas. However, when it comes to decorating a bedroom, it is best to avoid too many plants or flowers. This is not to say that a plant or two, or a sweet flower bouquet is bad feng shui, but creating groupings of tall plants, or having big flower arrangements in the bedroom on a constant basis will deplete the energy of the quality needed to maintain nourishing, sensual energy in your bedroom.

4. Have your office desk and work-related materials

No matter how pretty, well designed or good looking your office space is, know that it doesn’t belong in a good feng shui bedroom. This is not a matter of visual conflict as many office spaces can be beautifully designed to complement the bedroom decor. It is a matter of energetic discord because work and relaxation just do not mix. Having an office space in your bedroom will eventually result in a subtle — or not so subtle — energy of restlessness in your bedroom, as well as in lowering the energy needed for successful work. Not a good combination!

5. Base your decorating scheme on green color

Feng shui-wise, green color is one of the worst colors to decorate an adult bedroom with. You might have splashes of green here and there, of course, but choosing green color walls, a big green rug, window treatments or bed linens in predominantly green color will disturb the energy needed in a nourishing and sensual feng shui bedroom. Green is the color of the Wood feng shui element, the color of growth, healing, vision, and leadership, it drains the energy from the feng shui element needed the most in a good feng shui bedroom – the Earth element. Best feng shui bedroom colors are the earthy colors with a splash of fiery ones, so be mindful of this when your goal is to create a sensual, nourishing and cocooning feng shui bedroom.

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Rodika Tchi


Rodika Tchi is a master feng shui consultant, teacher, and author of two best-selling books on feng shui. She is the creator of The Feng Shui Home & Life Makeover, and has loyal clients all over the world. More about Rodika at TchiConsulting.com