Do You Know These 8 Most Popular Feng Shui Crystals?

These feng shui crystals can strengthen your own energy as well as create good feng shui vibes in your home

The world of feng shui crystals and stones is absolutely fascinating. Crystals work in powerful, even though subtle ways; they can help you attract the desired quality of energy, strengthen your personal energy field, clear your space of negative energy, and more, so much more. In feng shui crystals are widely used for their specific properties, such as protection, wealth, grounding, love, etc. I am sure you have seen a variety of jade amulets, such as jade Wu Lous and Fu Dogs,  as well as rose quartz mandarin ducks. All these amulets are nice, of course, but most people in the West do not resonate with their look and feel (I know I don’t, and neither do most of my clients).

There is actually a better way to employ the power of crystals to create good feng shui energy. If the classical Chinese feng shui crystal cures that most people associate with feng shui are not to your liking, this info on top 8 feng shui crystals should be very helpful to you. I will share with you the main qualities of each crystal or stone, how it is used for good feng shui in your home or office, as well as where to place it for good feng shui.

1. Clear Quartz

clear quartz feng shui

Clear quartz is a very versatile crystal that can do a variety of jobs — from clearing, protecting, and strengthening your energy field to carrying a specific quality of energy, be it to attract love or help release the fear of exams. I love the clear quartz for its happiness, for the abundance of light, for the colorful rainbows, and for its deeply enchanting and optimistic inner world. Because it can be programmed to help you, because it comes in so many forms and because it is so affordable, clear quartz is really a crystal that every home should have.

This top feng shui crystal is also a favorite of interior designers because its clear color works in any interior and with any decorating style. You can find clear quartz in beautiful fancy doorknobs, stunning candleholders, or various coffee table adornments. My most favorite clear quartz crystal forms are the clusters and the generators (also called towers). I also love the big and clear tumbled stones I have, the countless points and wands bought over the years, the ecstatically happy crystal ball filled with rainbows, and my jewelry with clear quartz. In other words, I obviously love the clear quartz crystal!

Feng shui wise, place it in areas that need fresh, crisp, clear energy, somewhat resembling a combination of happy sunlight and clear fresh water. You can’t really go wrong with the placement of the clear quartz in your home or office because this crystal will adjust its energy to any bagua area you place it in. The only suggestion is to avoid having a crystal cluster close to your bed because a cluster can be too energizing for a bedroom, unless you display it further away from your bed. (This suggestion applies to any crystal cluster, not just clear quartz, due to the specific energetic activity of a crystal cluster formation).

2. Rose Quartz

rose quartz feng shui

The energy of rose quartz is pure softness, gentleness, sweet love, and healing. Rose quartz soothes and washes away the pain, disappointment, and any other negative energies that might have closed your heart. Rose quartz is considered a master healer when it comes to all love related matters — be it lack of self-love or painful romantic love experiences. Because rose quartz is so powerfully connected to your heart, and because it constantly radiates a soothing flow of love, this is the absolute best feng shui crystal for any bedroom, be it an adult bedroom or a child‘s bedroom.

You can place several rose quartz tumbled stones in your nightstand drawer or place them in a small bowl directly on your nightstand; you can create a rose quartz crystal grid in your bedroom or just place a few smooth crystals under your pillow when going through an especially trying time in your love relationship.

Feng shui-wise, rose quartz crystal is the number 1 feng shui crystal for your Love & Marriage bagua area. Place a bowl of tumbled rose quartz stone in this area, two rose quartz hearts or, if you so desire, you can also go for the traditional feng shui school cure of two rose quartz mandarin ducks as a symbol of committed love.

3. Amethyst

amethyst feng shui

Amethyst — especially in its deep violet color manifestations — feels like a continuous meditation. It can draw you in, purify your energy, and leave you longing for deep spiritual experiences. Of course, as with any crystal and stone, there is such a wide variety of amethyst crystals on the market, from very light lavender color to deep intense indigo. Each amethyst will express its specific presence with color; the deeper the color of the crystal, the more powerful (and expensive) the amethyst.

Feng shui wise, the most potent form of amethyst is the tall geode with deep and clear purple color. This can be an absolutely stunning feng shui cure for any space because it sucks in, so to speak, all the lower energies, either negative or stale, and transmutes them into peaceful and powerful light energy. You can also use tumbled stones, of course, as well as small clusters to bring a purifying, calm spiritual energy to any space.

Amethyst is one of the best crystal choices for your altar or meditation room; it can also be used as a feng shui cure for the Personal Growth and Spiritual Cultivation bagua area of your home or office. If you are lucky to have a deep purple color amethyst, be mindful about keeping your crystal away from sunlight in order to avoid discoloration.

4. Jade

jade feng shui

Jade is obviously the absolute darling of the classical feng shui world. It has a very long history of use in China; this backs up its reputation of the #1 traditional feng shui crystal used in a variety of classical feng shui cures, from money frogs to the Laughing Buddha. Of course, as with any popular feng shui crystal or stone, there is an overflow of imitation jade on the market, so if your heart is set on jade, be sure you are buying a genuine stone.

History aside, the genuine jade stone has a beautiful quality of energy to it which is soothing, renewing, and softly energizing. Jade is like a friend who accepts you for who you are, at the same time radiating such optimistic, wise energy that you cannot help but feel better. The harmonious, balancing energy of jade is of a wise woman quality — loving, happy, accepting, knowing that all is well now, and not just in the end.

Feng shui wise, the deep green jade is perfect for your Health and Family bagua area, as well as for your Money & Abundance area. Because jade comes in so many colors, you can choose it as a feng shui cure based on the color needed in a specific bagua area of your home or office. For example, you can place a blue jade in your Career area, or a brown jade in your Helpful People & Blessings bagua area.

5. Tigers Eye

tigers eye feng shui

If you understand the expression “Easy, tiger!”, then you will understand the energy of the tiger’s eye (as well as why it is so very popular in feng shui). Tigers eye is a master protector — watchful, strong, quick, and very efficient. Its protective qualities have a very dynamic feel to them, tigers eye can transmute negative energy very quickly, but it does it in a balancing kind of way.

The beauty of the tiger’s eye is that it protects and nourishes you at the same time, leaving you with a stronger, more vibrant, and balanced energy field. Because of its strong earthy energy, the tiger’s eye can also be used as an Earth element feng shui cure in any of the bagua areas that are either nourished or defined by the presence of the Earth feng shui element. So, you can display several tigers eye stones in your Love & Marriage area, for example, or in the Children & Creativity area. I love tigers eye and keep being amazed at its energies, as well as variations of colors and designs. This stone is definitely a feng shui must, especially since it is so very affordable.

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