A Space Clearing Ritual After A Major Party in Your Home

Continued from: Before A Major Party in Your Home

The intent for this ritual is to clear any energetic residues that might not be beneficial for you and your family. These energetic residues can result from obvious actions such as people arguing, or expressing sadness or anger. It can also be a more subtle type of energy not connected to a specific outward expression, but still not needed in your home.

Time it takes: 5 to 10 minutes
Best time of the day: Between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.
Best time period: The morning after the party

1. Set your smudging supplies on your altar. Light the candle. Take a deep breath and clearly formulate your intent to clear any residues that are not in alignment with the happiness of your home. Hold the tip of the smudge stick over the candle in order to light it. Once ignited, wait a few seconds, then extinguish the flame at the tip of your smudge stick so that it smolders. Smudge yourself to clear your energy.

2. Start at the area farthest from the door where the party was being held. This can be your dining room, your kitchen, or your living room, depending on your specific floor plan. Smudge slowly and mindfully, taking deep breaths and focusing on any low, sad, or just chaotic energy to be released.

3. After you have smudged all areas that were used for the party, go to the front door and smudge it thoroughly. You can even open it a bit, if possible, and smudge around it.

4. Standing at your front door facing outward, send love to all party participants. Visualize the bright sun in your heart pushing outward and dissolving any cords or attachments that might have been formed during the party. Strengthen the energy of your front door with the intent for love and protection.

5. Return to your altar and extinguish the smudge stick. Say a short prayer thanking your helpers for keeping the energy in your home clear and bright.

Rodika Tchi


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