Best Feng Shui Front Door Colors (Western Bagua)

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If you are using the Western/BTB bagua in your feng shui work — which is very different from the Classical feng shui bagua — then determining the best feng shui colors for your front door is really easy. Based on the way the Western/BTB bagua for your house is determined, your front door will be in one of the three feng shui bagua areas:

1. Spiritual Growth and Self-Cultivation
2. Career and Path in Life
3. Helpful People and Blessings

Here is are two image galleries with the best and the second best feng shui choices for your front door color (when you are using the Western/BTB feng shui bagua).

Scroll down and click on the corresponding bagua image to find out the best feng shui colors for your front door.

Best Feng Shui Colors for A Front Door in the Bagua Area of:

Second Choice of Feng Shui Colors for A Front Door in:

Basically, no matter which bagua you choose to work with–the Classical or the Western/BTB–the best choice of color in feng shui is always based on the theory of five feng shui elements. Each feng shui bagua area needs the presence of specific elements in order to thrive, and color is one of the main representations of feng shui elements. In other words, when you bring a specific color in any bagua area, you are bringing the presence of a specific feng shui element that this color represents.

It is also helpful to understand the cycles of the five feng shui elements, or the way the feng shui elements interact, as this allows you to play with more colors and still create excellent feng shui in any bagua area.

Here is the list of bagua areas with their corresponding feng shui elements:

Health and Family – Wood (can add Water and Earth)

Money and Abundance –Wood (can add Water, Earth and just a bit of Fire)

Fame and Reputation – Fire (can add Wood)

Love and Marriage – Earth (can add Fire)

Children and Creativity – Metal (can add Earth)

Helpful People and Blessings –Metal (can add Earth)

Career and Path in Life – Water (can add Metal)

Spiritual Growth and Self-Cultivation –Earth (can add Fire)

And here is the feng shui color wheel to help you choose an abundance of color for your home without being concerned about ruining the good feng shui! When you understand the play and the power of the five feng shui elements, you can become fearless in your feng shui work :) I highly suggest you take some time to familiarize yourself with the five elements info, as it gives you so many more options in decorating your home for good feng shui.

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