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feng shui front door colors

In feng shui, the health of your front door is very important for the good feng shui energy in your whole house. What do I mean by the health of your front door? Feng shui-wise, the health of your front door starts with such basics as a clean door, a door that opens without too much effort or noise, a door that has beautiful hardware and is well-lit. A good feng shui front door is a door with good energetic support such as a wide doormat, big pots on either side and any other decor features that ground the energy well.

Going a bit deeper, a healthy feng shui front door has a good relationship with the feng shui element of the compass direction it faces. This means that the look of the door either expresses the main feng shui element of its facing direction, or it expresses one of the feng shui elements that nourish the main element of its facing direction. If all this sounds like a mouthful (but you are eventually interested in learning more about the power of feng shui elements) I have all the info ready when you are ready!

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To make it easy (and visual) for you, I have created two image galleries to illustrate — as well as give further info — on the bestfeng shui colors for a door facing each compass direction. The first gallery has the best feng shui colors for a front door, and the second gallery has the second best choice of feng shui colors for your front door. Scroll down and click on the image to find out the best feng shui colors for your front door.

Best Feng Shui Colors for A Front Door that Faces:

Second Best Choice of Feng Shui Colors for A Door that Faces:

If you are familiar with the concept of bagua, you know that in feng shui, each compass direction corresponds to a specific life area. This is where you can bring even more power to your front door by subtly activating it with the essence of its bagua area energy. If you are new to the information about the bagua, or the feng shui energy map, the info below is a good start.

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By taking good care of the energy of your front door you are doing your house — and yourself! — a huge favor. Or, I think I better use the word service. It is in the service to the good feng shui of the whole house that the front door needs to be lovingly and wisely activated with the best possible feng shui. If you are using the Western/BTB feng shui bagua for your home, I have this info for you, too.

Feng Shui Front Door Colors (Western Bagua)

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