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Southwest Feng Shui Bagua Area in 2018

The Southwest area is hosting an auspicious star #6 connected to career success. This specific star, or feng shui energy, is called the white star and is of the Metal element. The native feng shui element of the Southwest area is Earth which feeds the Metal, so this star is welcomed and supported without much effort on your part! Assuming, of course, that you have created good feng shui in your home and your Southwest area is happily expressing its Earth element.

To benefit from the auspicious energy brought by this feng shui star here in 2018, focus on expressing an inspiring energy connected to your dreams, mainly career dreams. This is the “specialty” of this star — to support you achieve your career goals and give you wings to soar higher than you ever thought possible. You do not have to go wild with career-related images,  it is your clear intent that counts. A small photo or any appropriate item for this area will work as well as a big one (if you are really inspired by it). Remember, the Southwest bagua area is your main Love and Marriage area, so you never want to overtake it with work-related images!

Here are some simple steps to activate and benefit from the energies of this auspicious star in 2018:

1. Focus on strengthening the Earth feng shui element in your area with element colors, shapes, as well as specific items that carry the Earth element energy — crystals, pottery, images of landscapes, etc. Read: How To Decorate with the Earth Element

2. Moving objects are considered powerful cures in feng shui, so see if you can find an appropriate decor item to bring the sense of movement to this area. This can be an item that moves by itself (such as a wind chime placed outside) or one that is activated by your touch. In this area in 2018, you can have a small metal bell or a singing bowl that you use from time to time to create sound movement.

3. Mainly, be aware that this star brings you inspiring energy to fulfill your career dreams. As mentioned before, find a way — a subtle way — to bring an image or an item here that sparks the vision for your career success. Read: Attract Career Success in 7 Feng Shui Steps

West Feng Shui Bagua Area in 2018

The West area is continuing to host challenging energy. It is different from last year (as nothing stays the same) but it is still challenging. In 2018, it is the star #2 connected to ill health.

1. This is the area to place your salt water cure for 2018.

2. Because this star is of the Earth element, you need to focus on Metal element decor items to weaken its energy. Examples of appropriate feng shui Metal element decor here are a metal Buddha sculpture, preferably the Medicine Buddha or Kuan Yin, a singing bowl, or a metal Wu Lou. If you have created good feng shui in your home, you already have a strong presence of the Metal element here, as Metal is the native element of the West area. In 2018 though, you need to double your presence of the Metal element in the West area, done in subtle and appropriate ways, of course. Read: How To Decorate with the Metal Element

3. Avoid any Fire element decor in this area in 2018 (which is not recommended in the West area anyway) This means to avoid all Fire element colors, candles, as well as images of fire.

4. Keep the area as calm as possible, try not to use this part of your home often.

Northwest Feng Shui Bagua Area in 2018

The star of overall good luck and success — star #1 — will be spending 2018  in the Northwest area. This feng shui star of the Water element, which is supported by the Metal element of the Northwest bagua area. So, just like in the case with the Southwest area in 2018, there is little you have to do if there is a solid feng shui foundation in your home (meaning each bagua area has its main feng shui element well expressed and nourished). However, since this area will have an additional layer of energy in 2018 — a challenging energy called the Grand Duke, or Tai Sui — it is recommended to keep this area quiet and not disturb it with any renovation work or too much activity.

Here are some simple feng shui enhancements to help benefit from the energy of this auspicious star:

1. Decorate this area with Water and Metal feng shui element colors — blue, black, white and gray — as well as with items and cures that represent/carry the energies of these two elements. Examples of good feng shui Water element cures are fountains, images of water and mirrors. Examples of Metal element cures are Chinese coins, metal sculptures, Ru Yi, Wu Lou and singing bowls. Since this is the area of Helpful People and Blessings, a metal Buddha sculpture can bring excellent energy here.

2. Avoid Fire element decor items and colors.

3. Bring a sense of victorious, inspiring energy to this area. A classical feng shui example, in this case, is the image of a galloping horse often called the victorious horse in feng shui. You can bring this energy with an image or in the form of a metal sculpture.

4. The traditional cure for the Grand Duke energy is to place a Pi Yao in the area opposite the location of the Grand Duke. This means in 2018 it is recommended to place a Pi Yao in the Southeast facing towards Northwest. Another traditional feng shui cure is the Tai Sui plaque placed in the area.

North Feng Shui Bagua Area in 2018

After enjoying very auspicious energy last year, the North area is hosting in 2018 one of the most challenging feng shui stars, the star #5 called the yellow star. As this is an Earth element star, the most powerful cures to weaken its energy will be of the Metal element (Metal weakens Earth in the destructive cycle of the 5 feng shui elements). There is a presence of an additional layer of negative energy here in 2018 — called the 3 killings in traditional feng shui — which makes it important to keep this area as undisturbed as possible.

1. A traditional feng shui cure, in this case, is a 6 hollow rods metal wind chime. You can also go for a protective metal Buddha statue or a metal singing bowl, a metal bell or 6 Chinese coins.

2. Avoid all Fire and Earth elements decor (which are not recommended in the North area anyway).

3. The salt water cure is recommended for this bagua area in 2018.

4. Keep this area as quiet as possible and avoid any renovation work. A traditional Chinese feng shui cure for the energy of the so-called 3 killings is the symbol of the 3 celestial guardians (made from metal).

Northeast Feng Shui Bagua Area in 2018

Just as the North area, the Northeast area has to switch gears from hosting very auspicious energy last year to hosting a negative star in 2018.  Star #3 is here bringing the energy of quarrels, bad luck, and other potentially negative energy.  Being a Wood element star, it can be weakened by using the elements that can overpower it in the 5 elements cycle, these elements are Metal and Fire. So:

1. Use a variety of Fire element decor here in 2018 — candles, Himalayan salt lamps, fiery colors such as red, purple, orange, magenta and yellow, images of fire, etc. A strong light source that is kept on most of the time is very good for this area in 2018. Read: How To Decorate with the Fire Element

2. Decorate with the Metal element colors and cures. Read: How To Decorate with the Metal Element

3. Do your best to avoid the Wood and the Water element decor items in this area in 2018.

4. As with all challenging feng shui areas, keep the Northeast area as quiet as possible in 2018.

The Center Feng Shui Area in 2018

The center area of your home or office holds beautiful energy in 2018 — the so-called star of Future Wealth, also called the purple star #9. As the name implies, this star brings an auspicious energy that can assure a flow of wealth energy in your life. This is a Fire element star in an Earth element bagua area, so it needs more support in order to shine brightly.

Here’s what you can do to assure strong, auspicious energy in your Center area in 2018:

1. Focus on Wood element decor in order to support the energy of this visiting star. Choose from a variety of feng shui cures such as vibrant plants (especially powerful cures for this area are the feng shui money plants and the lucky bamboo), fresh flowers, decor items in colors green and brown, as well as images of lush, green landscapes.

2. Fire feng shui element decor will also help you strengthen the energy of this auspicious star, so go for candles, Himalayan salt lamps, fiery colors in your decor items, images of fire, etc.

3. Traditionally, you can also work with number 9 — considered the highest number, as well as the number of this specific star — in order to multiply the effect of your cures. This can be as simple as displaying 9 small candles on your altar or using  9 Chinese coins used as a feng shui cure.

4. Keep the center area of your home happy, beautiful and with fresh, flowing energy. The health of the center of your home is very important for all bagua areas, so it should always be well-taken care of. In 2018 this is even more important as it can help spread very auspicious energy in your home and in your life.

This is all I have to share with you about the 2018 feng shui updates! I know you might have many questions about the annual updates, so I have answered them here: The 2018 Annual Feng Shui Updates FAQs. Have a happy, joyful and inspiring 2018! I wish you a year full of love, full of kindness, and full of laughter.

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