The Feng Shui Annual Updates FAQs

The annual feng shui updates info is very popular with most feng shui practitioners and enthusiasts. These updates are based on a Classical feng shui school called the Flying Stars school that tracks the movement of specific feng shui energies called stars, in time. There are 9 feng shui stars, 5 positive and 4 negative; they move each year according to a specific pattern and  “visit” various areas of your home.

When a bagua area is visited by an auspicious star, one will focus on strengthening and nourishing the specific energy of the star so as to benefit from its potential. And when you have a negative star in any bagua area, you will do your best to negate or at least considerably weaken the negative energy brought by it. Specific feng shui cures are recommended for specific stars in specific bagua areas; most cures based on the play of the 5 feng shui elements.

Sounds quite simple, but it tends to get complicated! What do you do if your bedroom or your front door is in a bagua area affected by a negative star?  How about “heavier” areas of one’s home, such as closets or laundry rooms, is it good or is it bad when they are visited by a negative star? And how do you welcome a visiting star when it requires a feng shui decor that is very different from what the bagua area usually needs? What are the priorities and how do you keep it all balanced? Is it really important to apply the annual feng shui updates? Let me answer these questions one by one.

Q: My bedroom is in one of the worst feng shui stars this year and I read online that I should not sleep there. Is this true? I do not want to move to another room.

A: The only thing that is true in this statement is that a negative feng shui star is in a bagua area where your bedroom is located. This is the only true statement here. I rarely, if ever, suggest such radical movements, and I never suggested it because of a negative annual star. A truly valid reason for moving your bedroom will be when your bedroom is in a very high EMF area, which can be very dangerous to your health, or when there are strong earth energies in the area of your bedroom that can challenge one’s health and well-being in the long term (such as the presence of strong currents of underground water, for example). If you have a spare bedroom and do not mind making it your bedroom for a while, you can sure do that. Otherwise, my best suggestion is to focus on creating a healthy, beautiful, and nourishing bedroom with the best feng shui energy.

Q: My front door is in a very unlucky feng shui star that brings illness, is there anything I can do other than use the door as little as possible?

A: If you can use the front door as little as possible this will certainly be helpful in keeping the energy of this star undisturbed, so to speak. One of the main recommendations with all negative feng shui stars is to keep the area undisturbed, so this is a wise step to take. The next recommendation is to understand how the feng shui element of the negative star interacts with the element of the bagua area where your front door is located — and use the best feng shui cures and decor elements to weaken the energy of the negative star. Read the current yearly updates to see specific suggestions for each negative star and do your best to understand how the 5 elements interact. Once you understand the basics of the 5 elements interaction, you will gain more confidence (and peace of mind!) in dealing with the negative annual feng shui stars.

Q: The busiest closet in my home is where there is an awesome feng shui star this year. Is this good or is this bad?

A: It is usually considered good when a negative star is in an area that is “heavy” such as a closet, or a garage. The reason for it is the belief that the heaviness of the area (closet, garage)  will suppress the negativity of the star. However, when a beneficial star is visiting an area like a closet or a garage, then it is best to clear it well and bring fresh and clean energy to it!  Of course, you do not have to wait for a beneficial star to visit the area where your closet is located. Do your best to have clear and beautiful energy in your closets at any time, and with any feng shui star, be it a positive or a negative star.

Q: Will I not create bad feng shui if I decorate this year with a feng shui element that is usually bad for a bagua area? I know from your writings that the South area always loves Fire, for example, and then some years you recommend strong Water there because of a specific star. I just do not understand how this can create good feng shui if the Water puts down the Fire that is needed there.

A: Yes, I know, this can feel frustrating! The first thing I always recommend is to apply the yearly feng shui updates only after you have been working with the bagua of your home for a while. This means the bagua of your house is well-balanced and all feng shui elements are nurtured and supported in their respective bagua areas. Only after you have a good energetic foundation in your home it makes sense to apply the annual updates, as this is just an additional layer. It is a temporary adjustment that one might wish to apply in the home, and it is always best done wisely and by trusting your own intuition. This can happen only when you know your home well and are sure that its bagua needs are well-supported. To help with your specific example — yes, some years you will need to bring a feng shui element that will weaken, or put down the main element needed in a specific bagua area.

However, as I mentioned before, you do this as an additional temporary layer to what you already have, and not by changing the area completely. Working with the updates is a subtle, and even tricky process, because it is easy to get carried away when manipulated by the fear that is often spread online about specific feng shui stars. My stance on all things feng shui — and especially on the annual feng shui updates — is to stay empowered and trust your own sense and intuition. Nobody knows your home as well as you do. Well, with the exception of a good feng shui consultant, if you are working with one! I highly encourage you to do any feng shui changes only when they feel right to you, both emotionally (meaning you like them in your home) as well as mentally (meaning they make sense to you).

Q: What are the priorities in applying the annual feng shui updates and how do I keep it all balanced in my home?

A: As strange as this might sound, the priority in applying the annual feng shui updates is to go back to basics and really sense and see what is happening with the feng shui energy in your home. This means this is another chance for you to get rid of the clutter (if you still have it in your space), as well as check how the specific areas in your home are doing. How nourishing and sensual is your bedroom? How happy is your kitchen? How do you feel in your bathroom? So you look at your home with fresh eyes again, as well as check each bagua area for its specific needs.

Only when this process is in place you can look at the annual feng shui updates and see what adjustments you can make in your home and still keep it all balanced. I often compare the annual visiting stars of a negative nature to visiting guests that you cannot refuse in your home (for whatever reason that might be). Knowing their negative traits, you tolerate them for a while, at the same time making sure that everyone in your family still stays happy and all is taken care of till these visiting guests are planned to leave. Basically, when you have someone staying with you for a while — let’s say a relative you really do not like  — you make wise adjustments in your home rather than do a complete overhaul in order to accommodate them, right? The same process applies to the annual feng shui updates — apply wise steps that feel right to you, and keep an eye on the energy in the bagua areas that are supposed to have challenging feng shui for the year.

Q: Is it really important to apply the annual feng shui updates?

A: The answer depends on where you are in your feng shui work and how balanced is the energy in your home. If you have mastered the bagua of your home, if you know it well, and you are comfortable with the 5 feng shui elements decorating, then this can be important because you can actually energetically feel it as the right step to take. However, if you have just started working with feng shui and are still applying the basics, the annual feng shui updates can bring confusion. It is a more advanced form of feng shui work, and it much depends on how it is applied in one’s home as every home is unique and there are so many details to consider!

The decision to apply (or not) the feng shui updates has to come only from your own inner knowing, as well as from a well-established relationship with your house; a relationship based on respect and trust. Your house has its own voice and its own spirit, so you can always ask and then listen. To conclude, please never apply the annual updates because of fear, or because you think it is important to do so, but rather check with your inner voice and see if this is the right direction for you and your home to take this year.

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