2017 Western Feng Shui Bagua Updates: Part 2

Continued from: 2017 Western/BTB Bagua Updates

The Love and Marriage area has negative energies to be aware of. As always with the presence of negative stars/energies, be sure to keep the area as quiet as possible and avoid disturbing it with too much noise or loud activities. In order to deal with the negative energy present here in 2017, you need to bring a strong presence of the Water element with your decor items or specific feng shui cures. You can bring a variety of blue and black color decor items, pillows, art with images of water, flowing shapes, etc in order to express the feng shui Water element needed here in 2017.

Do your best to avoid Fire, as well as Metal element decor. A classical feng shui protection symbol for this specific negative energy is the blue rhinoceros. You can also go for a blue colored elephant decor item.

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The next bagua area — the Children and Creativity area — has challenging energies, too. It is best to keep this area quiet and avoid disturbing it with major renovations, noise, or too much activity. The way to keep under control the negative energies here is to use a lot of Fire element decor, such as candles, big lamps, decor items in red, purple, orange, pink or yellow colors, actual images of fire, etc.

Avoid strong Water element decor here (as Water puts down the Fire that is needed here in 2017). Basically, you need to focus your efforts on weakening the Wood element essence of the negative visiting star, and Fire element is the one that weakens the Wood in the destructive cycle of the 5 feng shui elements. You can also keep decorating this area with strong Metal element decor – which is always welcomed here! – as this is another element that weakens the Wood. Avoid Water and Wood element decor. Avoid a lot of activity and noise in this area; the less active you can keep its energy, the better.

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The Helpful People and Blessings also has challenging energies in 2017. To keep these challenging energies under control, focus on decorating with the Metal element. So use colors white, gray, gold and silver, as well as round shapes or actual decor objects made from metal. Avoid decorating with the Fire element here. Avoid constant noise or renovation in this area in 2017. The salt water cure is also highly recommended here, and so are the 6 Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon. A metal singing bowl can also serve as an excellent feng shui cure here in 2017.

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Your Career and Path in Life area has a beneficial energy directly connected to your career success. This feng shui star energy is of the Metal element, so it goes without saying that the first step here is to avoid too much Fire (Fire elements melts Metal in the destructive cycle of the 5 feng shui elements). Bring more of both Water, as well as Metal feng shui element decor. Focus on Water, though, as this is the feng shui element that is most needed here in 2017. From classical Chinese cures you can choose a metal Ru Yi, a metal sculpture of a horse (symbolic feng shui representation of career success) or a golden Laughing Buddha.

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Your Personal Growth and Cultivation area has beautiful energy in 2017 connected to romance and education. The energy of this visiting star is of the Wood element. So, both Water and Wood elements decor and feng shui cures are very good here because they nurture the energy of the visiting feng shui star.

Focus on Water element decor, though, as this is the element that is stronger than Metal (and you need to weaken the Metal of this area in order to support the Wood element of the visiting star). You can also bring your love cures to this area in 2017 as this is another feng shui love area this year. Choose your own representation of love and romance energy, see what speaks to you most strongly of feeling love and being loved. Avoid strong Fire and Metal element decor here. If you like the classical Chinese feng shui cures you can go for the Mandarin ducks or the lucky bamboo. A blue statue of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy can be beautiful here.

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The Center of your home the auspicious energy of good luck and career success in 2017.  A vibrant presence of the Water element decor is excellent here. You can express the Water feng shui element with colors blue and black in your various decorating items such as pillows, throws, rugs, wall art or even a feature wall painted in blue. You can also express the Water feng shui element with mirrors and fountains, as well as actual images of water. The elements in your decor to avoid here in 2017 are the Wood and Earth feng shui elements (in big proportions), because they drain the energy of the Water element. So, avoid too many plants, too many crystals or any other representation of these two feng shui elements.

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Traditionally, the feng shui cures are placed on the Solar New Year (February 4, 2017), not the Lunar New Year (January 28, 2017). Of course, you can also place your feng shui cures at any time during the year! No matter how your feng shui process goes, always remember that you are the one in charge.  Stay smart, solid and strong, keep your sense of humor and trust your inner voice as it will never lie to you.

Applying the annual updates, as well as good feng shui in general is a very personalized process. The best way to go is to understand the guidelines and then see how (and if) they can be implemented in your specific space. There can be a myriad of factors why sometimes you should not apply specific guidelines, while still applying other feng shui tips. Connect to your home and ask if any of the changes you plan to implement make sense. If you’ve become good friends with your home, you will always hear back the most honest, helpful feedback.

All the very best to you and your loved ones in 2017!

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