Get To Know the Feng Shui Color Wheel

feng shui color wheel

What is the connection between feng shui and color?

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Is there really a color wheel in feng shui? Yes, for sure!  The feng shui color wheel might look very different from the usual color wheel, but it is nevertheless powerfully used and almost religiously applied in feng shui. First, let’s start with a basic definition of color as the visual perception of light waves. So, we see red and blue and green, but all there actually is, is just light. 

Being different expressions of light, each color also carries a specific quality of energy defined in feng shui as the energy of one of the 5 elements. Colour is also the easiest way to quickly create a very different quality of feng shui energy in any space. We all know that a fresh coat of paint can make the room feel happier, brighter and just so much more enjoyable to be in. While choosing color is certainly a personal choice based on your likes and dislikes, home decor style, etc; I highly encourage you to look into best color choices based on the feng shui energy of your home.

What is the right choice of color? And what is the feng shui color wheel? Actually, both questions are related and lead to the same answer – the mystical feng shui bagua, or feng shui energy map, that you most probably have heard about. Bagua is a feng shui energy map that divides any space into 8 areas. Each one of these 8 bagua areas has a specific feng shui element that needs to be nourished there for good feng shui. Now, there are 5 feng shui elements, as you probably know, and there are quite a few colors that express each element. The feng shui color wheel is based on this dance, or web and flow of the five feng shui elements that are easily expressed in colors, as well as shapes.

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Here is how the feng shui color wheel looks like (our visual interpretation). This should make the job of feng shui-ing your home much easier!

feng shui colour wheel
This feng shui color wheel will easily help you determine which feng shui element a specific colour belongs to.

To achieve best results with your feng shui use of color, be sure to understand the basics of the feng shui energy map of your home. Once you know the bagua of your home (or office) and have your feng shui color wheel, the rest of feng shui work is a breeze. Well, almost. The more you play with various colors for good feng shui in your home, the better you will get at it. Be guided by your common sense first and by the feng shui color wheel second, and you will start seeing good results in no time.

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