Decorate with the Wood Feng Shui Element

Easy feng shui decorating with the Wood element to bring healthy, vibrant energy into your home

Feng shui decorating is a powerful (and fun!) way to bring really good and vibrant energy into any space. As with any new tool, it may take you some time to learn the basics of good feng shui decorating, but I promise you this is time well spent. Successful feng shui decorating is based on a skillful use of the theory of 5 feng shui elements. I will share with you the basic details on each element and how to use it when you are decorating your home or office for better energy.

Let’s start with the Wood feng shui element with its energy of growth, expansion, vitality and unlimited vision. There are so many ways to describe the energy of each element, and in the infographic below you will find the main qualities associated with the Wood feng shui element. However, one of the easiest way to become really successful in your feng shui decorating is to try to connect to this energy yourself, as experiential knowledge in feng shui is crucial. Theory can be helpful, of course, but it can also somehow stifle your intuitive knowing; this is especially true in case of such an ancient and complex knowledge as feng shui.

So, before I give you basic tips on how and when to use the Wood feng shui element in your decorating, take a moment to connect and see how the energy of this element feels to you. Imagine your favorite plant, or a beautiful tree, and describe it in a few words. How does its energy feel, how does it look, how would you replicate it in your home or office? To me, the energy of the Wood element is the energy of expansion, unlimited growth, abundance, vision, steadiness, and survival, too. It is the green colour, of course, as well as brown, it is upward growth, it is joyful, happy and grounded at the same time.

A healthy plant or tree is most happy when it has deep roots, so it can stand tall and reach high to the sun and sky. It is this balance of grounding and at the same time, uplifting energy that good Wood feng shui element decorating will bring into your home. Feng shui-wise, here are the basics of bringing the Wood element for successful decorating.

I will structure the info in 3 clear and easy sections: “When”, “Where” and “How”; and then the infographic below should help assimilate and apply the info.

To Decorate with the Wood Feng Shui Element

Bring the energy of the Wood feng shui element when you need a breakthrough, when your life vision seems unclear, your energy is low and confused or when you want to strengthen your health, as well as encourage the energy of abundance.

To Focus on the Wood Element Decor

The Wood feng shui element should be nourished and strengthened in the East, Southeast and South areas of the bagua of your home or office (if you are working with the classical feng shui bagua). If you are working with the Western, or BTB bagua, then welcome the Wood element in your Health and Family, Money and Abundance and Fame and Reputation bagua areas.

To Decorate with the Wood Feng Shui Element

There are numerous ways to express each feng shui element, as you will discover in our exploration of 5 elements in feng shui decorating. The 3 basic ways are: color, shape and specific decor items. The Wood element is best expressed in colors green and brown, rectangular shapes and beautiful healthy plants, of course.

feng shui decorating

This infographic should be an easy reference for using the Wood feng shui element in your home or office decorating. Now let’s explore good decorating with the Fire feng shui element. Mindfully, of course.

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