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Create excellent feng shui energy without frogs and chimes

Feng shui decorating can be fun and powerful (when you know what you are doing, of course!) The term “feng shui decorating” means different things to different people, especially because there are so many stereotypes attached to feng shui. At its best, good feng shui decorating creates a harmonious, beautiful and happy space with appropriate energy for its use; be it a home, an office or a garden. 

At its worst, unskilled feng shui decorating creates ridiculous, weak and conflicting energy that visually resembles a cheap Chinese restaurant struggling to attract more customers. A good feng shui space is not easily detectable by its visual signs; if you can look and say “Oh, this space has definitely been feng shui-ed!”, know this can be a red flag. Having windchimes, fountains, lucky bamboo plants and money frogs in any given space – be it home or office – does not make it a good feng shui space. Basically, feng shui decorating means applying the feng shui wisdom to create harmonious energy in any home, be it modern, classical or mid-century.

Good feng shui decorating will never scream for attention or fight with the style of the home, but rather create an energy that is vibrant, happy and harmoniously complimenting the already present identity of the home (or office). You can have excellent feng shui decor in any style, because in a nutshell, feng shui decorating means you know exactly which colors, shapes, images and specific decor items to use in specific areas of a home. You can do that in any style and in any space without disturbing the visual energy of the space (or the aesthetic taste of homeowners!)

To master the powerful, yet subtle art of genuine feng shui decorating, you have to understand the theory of 5 feng shui elements and all the intricate ways these elements express themselves. Once you understand the language of 5 elements, as well as know how these elements are expressed in various decor items, you will become very successful in your feng shui decorating.

I know this might sound a bit too complicated, but if you want to achieve lasting results with your feng shui work, there is no way around it. Of course, you can always just place a pair of Mandarin ducks in your love and marriage bagua area or a money frog in your money area and expect powerful results, but this will hardly work long term, trust me.

So, where do you start with mastering the art of feng shui decorating? You start by understanding the 5 feng shui elements on a practical level, and not just the theoretical one. Play and experiment until you are comfortable with at least several main expressions of each feng shui element. To make it easy, I have detailed infographics that show the various ways each feng shui element is expressed in modern decor with colours, shapes and more.

Let’s start by understanding how to decorate with the Wood feng shui element, then we’ll move on to Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water feng shui element decor tips. We will also explore the energy dynamic between the 5 feng shui elements, as well as go over examples of good feng shui decorating. Ready? Let’s start.

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Rodika Tchi

Rodika Tchi is a master feng shui consultant and author of two best-selling books on feng shui -- "The Healing Power of Smudging" (Simon and Schuster, 2017) and "Feng Shui for Healing" (Rockridge Press, 2019). Connect with Rodika on RodikaTchi.com