Feng Shui for Healthy and Happy Children’s Rooms

feng shui tips for children's rooms

Easy feng shui tips to create healthy spaces for your children

The main feng shui goal in transforming children’s rooms is to create a healthy, loving and safe environment. A child’s room created with feng shui in mind will serve as an emotional and physical support during the many and various experiences of your child’s growth.

Look around your child’s room with “feng shui eyes” and answer some questions. How healthy and fresh is the air your child breathes in? Do you have any feng shui plants in the room? How much natural light does your child get? How healthy is your child’s bed? What is the quality of artificial lights in your child’s room? Considering the presence of all electrical appliances, what is the level of EMF radiation your child is exposed to? What is the level of clutter in the room? Are you using feng shui to clear your clutter? Contrary to popular belief, clutter in children’s rooms can be easily managed.

Explore these 3 easy feng shui tips to help create better energy in your children’s rooms and see what a difference they can make.

Tip 1: Create A Good Feng Shui Foundation

A good energy foundation in your children’s rooms is very important. A clean, clutter free space with positive energy and clean, fresh air might sound like simple, common sense basic, but it is very often overlooked. Do your best to create a solid healthy energy foundation in your children’s room, and from there good feng shui is really easy. Start by clearing the clutter and creating a clear organization system, and then bring either several air purifying plants, or a good quality air purifier/essential oils diffuser.

Tip 2: Feng Shui-Personalize the Room

There are several feng shui factors that you can use in your child’s room to create better, more supportive energy. Find your child’s Kua number and lucky directions, and see if you can position both the bed, as well as the desk, to face one of his or her best directions. It is also advised to find out your child’s birth feng shui element and decorate the room with the colours that support his or her energy.

Tip 3: Encourage Free Expression

When you have a solid energy foundation in your child’s room, as well as have created a personalized feng shui space for your child, be sure you allow for maximum expression of his or her energy. Let your child choose art for his or her space – as well as definitely display their art throughout your home! – and do your best not to control the direction in which the room is developing and taking shape. The more control your child has over his or her space, the more empowered they will feel; this is always good feng shui!

There will always be a dynamic dance of your parenting energy with the children’s carefree expression, but if you have done a good job of creating a solid feng shui foundation in your home, you should have a smooth sailing in dealing with your children’s room issues.

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Rodika Tchi

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