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Learn the Uplifting Chi Feng Shui Meditation

I started meditating many years ago, following a powerful dream. In it, I was in turbulent sea waves made of the suffering of endless people and the rapid manifestation of negative human emotions. It felt nauseous to be there. After being in it for a while, a path opened up in front of me. I followed the path which lead to a cosmic sort of escalator, that went high in a fast but balanced manner. I was surrounded by way fewer people and a more calm and collected sort of energy. Reaching the very top, there was just immense open space — a vast vista of shimmering stars in a deeply intelligent velvety darkness.

There were no more stairs, no more path, no more nothing… In front of me was a vast female being with a body made of stars, she smiled and opened her arms to welcome and embrace me. There was a distance, like an abyss between me and her;  I knew I had to summon all my courage and just go into it. I had to jump, even though it felt very scary. As I did, I felt myself disappearing in an immense and very soothing energy. The body of a cosmic woman became nourishment for me — nourishment of wonder, openness and unspeakably joyful freedom.

I still have shivers every time I remember this dream. When I woke up I thought this dream was about my death, and I really did not want to die, considering my daughter was still a toddler. I knew the dream had so much significance but I could not understand it, so I let go thinking about it.

A few months later I registered for an interior design course that got canceled the last minute, and the only one that I could take instead was a yoga class. The teacher was a beautiful and very graceful Italian woman in her 60s called Emma Estrada, I will never forget her. During the class, she mentioned she spent many years with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and is a trained teacher of TM, the Transcendental Meditation. After the class, I was drawn to approach her to find out more, and there it happened — she opened her arms wide open, and as I let go into her embrace I experienced the same endless stars and universes from my dream. The message was clear — Emma Estrada was to be my TM teacher. It did not matter that for a grad student the price was very high, there were no second thoughts, I knew I had to take the initiation. Following that, I saw so many changes happening in my life so quickly. All it took is meditating twice a day for 20 min, early morning and late afternoon.

Over the years I experienced countless forms of meditations, some I did only for 21 or 40 days, some I did for longer. With the TM itself, I had a clear message to stop after 9 years, and nowadays my main meditation is just sitting in silence and following my breath, watching my thoughts. It can also be dancing, crying, watching the stars, being very mindful while cooking, etc. I have to admit I had many times when I did not meditate for days, and I clearly experienced how I can get overtaken by negative states — either mine or of other people — very quickly if I do not have this shield of daily meditation.

One of the reasons I was attracted to feng shui was its mystical aspects, believe it or not. I first started training in the Black Sect Tibetan Tantric Buddhist of Feng Shui (also following a dream) and the variety of mystical rituals and meditations drew me fully into this world of subtle energy. This feng shui school (called BTB for short) is much misunderstood and often ridiculed but properly applied it can bring considerable shifts because it works with energy in its very subtle manifestations.

I intend to offer you more of the BTB school meditations and feng shui rituals in the near future. As the very first step into this world, I want to start with the so-called Six Stage Uplifting Chi Meditation. This meditation is recommended for times of stress to calm the heart and the mind. It cultivates a smooth flow of Chi in your whole body, regulates your nervous system and improves your luck and well-being.

This meditation can move the so-called “choked Chi” (tightness in the throat) which is a result of feeling overwhelmed, of the inability to speak up or of being treated unfairly. It can ease the strain on the heart, respiratory and digestive systems, and can be of benefit during times of chronic or unusual illness, or when experiencing a mental imbalance or disorder. It can enhance one’s clarity and knowledge, helping to overcome serious life obstacles.

Each stage of this meditation has a calming influence and can also be used on its own, especially in times of discomfort. If you commit to practicing it daily, at least for a specific number of days — be it 21 or 40 — you will experience an increase in your vitality and a more harmonious state of well-being.

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Learn the Six Stage Uplifting Chi Feng Shui Meditation 

Rodika Tchi


Rodika Tchi is a master feng shui consultant, teacher, and author of two best-selling books on feng shui. She is the creator of The Feng Shui Home & Life Makeover, and has loyal clients all over the world. More about Rodika at TchiConsulting.com