Feng Shui of Front Doors in Beige and Sandy Colors

feng shui beige color front doors

Is it good feng shui to paint your front door in beige color?

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You’ve reached the final part of our front door good feng shui colors journey — congratulations! You obviously know by now that the best color for a front door is defined by the feng shui element of the compass direction that the door is facing. You also know that there are 5 feng shui elements in feng shui and this is why I have divided our front door color journey in 5 parts — one for each feng shui element.

We started with the Fire element door colors – and as you have seen, Fire is the most versatile element expressed in more colors than any other feng shui element. Then we proceeded to the Wood element doors (green and brown), followed by the Water element door colors (blue and black), we saw awesome Metal element color doors (gray and white) and now there is just one element left – the warm and beautiful Earth feng shui element.

The colors that express the Earth element are really hard to express in words – all I can say is that all earthy colors – the colors of sand and soil – belong to the Earth feng shui element. Yellow color, when it is strong and bright, belongs to the Fire element, when it is soft and light, it belongs to the Earth element. Beige is considered an earth element color, too. This feng shui color chart will definitely help you understand what I mean by earthy colors, because when it comes to color, you really have to see it! Especially when it comes to the colors of the Earth feng shui element. Now let’s see a few beautiful front doors in the Earth feng shui element colors and discover the best compass directions for them.

1. A Calm and Earthy Front Door Color – Nourishing Feng Shui

beige color feng shui front door

This color perfectly expresses the Earth feng shui element energy, and this nourishing, grounding energy is further emphasized by the aged terracotta pots (love them!) It’s a sweet and simple door with a beautiful design above it, and the black colour railings nicely keep this soft, nourishing energy in. Perfect door color for the compass directions that love the Earth element: Southwest and Northeast. Can also be great feng shui for a West or a Northwest facing front door (this choice is based on the productive cycle of the 5 feng shui elements).

2. Soft Yellow Front Door – Gentle Feng Shui

feng shui front door beige color

This front door color is a perfect example of a pale yellow that expresses the Earth element (as compared to the bright yellows we’ve seen on the fire element color doors).  The stable and nourishing earthy energy is further emphasized by the brick pavement, as well as the terracota pots. Excellent feng shui choice — both the front door color, as well as the design elements — for a Southwest or a Northeast facing front door.

3. A Deeper Yellow Front Door Color – Earth Element Feng Shui

front door feng shui colors

Here is a good example of another beautiful yellow color that is still an expression of the Earth feng shui element. It’s a unique choice of color as it brings warmth and a sense of solid joy, but without the fiery aspect of the Fire feng shui element. This color is a great choice for a Southwest or a Northeast facing front door, as well as a West or Northwest one.

4. A Harmonious Beige Color Front Door

beige color feng shui front door

Here is another great example of a beautiful beige color front door that perfectly expresses the Earth feng shui element. The auspiciousness of this door (for a direction that loves the Earth element) is further emphasized by both the stone wall and the pavement. There is a sense of gentle sweetness about this door, as well as a sense of relaxation, partly because it is encased in such a beautiful, harmonious way. I love the way the house numbers are displayed, love the little animals on both sides of the door, as well as the big planters. Awesome feng shui color choice for a Southwest or a Northeast facing front door, as well as West or Northwest.

This concludes our 5 part journey into the fascinating world of good feng shui color front doors. Have you seen all the gorgeous photos of colorful doors? Do you need to recall the best feng shui door colors and their directions? Here they are again:

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Image sources: Zoe Power/flickr.com, unknown/via pinterest.com, bhg.com, warlinepainting.ca, traditionalhome.com



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