Are Blue and Black Colors Good Feng Shui for Your Front Door?

black color front door - good feng shui

Is it good feng shui or is it bad feng shui to have a black color front door?

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Awesome and Fiery Front Door Feng Shui Colors
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We’ve explored quite a few awesome door colors by now, all of them being great feng shui! You’ve figured out that we are going element by element; meaning we are exploring various colors that can express the same feng shui element and give you options when you choose the best color for your front door. We’ve seen beautiful front doors in both the Fire feng shui element colors (orange, red, pink, magenta, yellow) as well as the Wood feng shui element door colors (green and brown).

We know that the best feng shui choice is to go for a color that expresses the energy of the feng shui element of the specific compass direction that your front door faces. Now let’s look at the Water feng shui element colors, blue and black.

1. A Happy and Vibrant Blue Color Front Door

blue color feng shui front door

This beautiful blue color door is a joy to look at – it’s both calming and vibrant at the same time. Love the matching blue color pots with happy flowers and bright citrus fruits, love the shiny gold and copper details. This is an excellent feng shui choice for both an East and a Southeast facing front door, as well as a North one.

2. A Humble and Solid Black Color Front Door

black color front door feng shui

I love the crisp, black and white contrast at this main entry, and its absolute simplicity. The warmth provided by the natural material and color doormat is just enough to bring more life to this door without disturbing its clean, structured look. A totally great feng shui choice for a North facing door, not so much for an East or Southeast one. The reason this main entry is not ideal for an East or Southeast front door is the strong presence of the Metal feng shui element (white color).  Of course, this can be easily remedied by adding more Earth and Wood feng shui elements decor to this front door.

3. The Sweet and Inviting Blue-Green Color Front Door

blue-green color feng shui front door

The sweet blue-green color on this door has a very charming and soothing energy. Love the warm earthy color and the size of the pots, love the flowers.  A bigger size doormat could be a good idea as it always strengthens and grounds the energy of the front door. Excellent feng shui for an East or Southeast facing door, not so much for a North facing one. Why? Because there is a strong presence of 2 elements that the North area does not thrive on — the Earth feng shui element (color and material of the pots) and the Wood feng shui element (lush plants).

4. A Fabulous Black Color Door on A Fabulous House

fabulous black color front door good feng shui

This beautiful black color front door of the house is definitely an eye candy, as I bet the whole house is! Love the symmetry of all details, love the oversized house numbers — excellent feng shui! — love the choice of pots and plants. The stripes on the painted stairs look adorable and fresh. Tons of good things about this front door, including the fan shape glass inserts at the top of the door. Excellent feng shui design and color for a North facing front door.

5. A Charming Front Door in a Fresh Turquoise Blue Color

turquoise blue color front door

This fresh and happy turquoise blue color door might not be for everyone, but I am sure it makes the owners very happy! It’s a playful and innocent front door with excellent feng shui energy for a North facing door. The diamond shape designs on the door (the Fire feng shui element shape) add an active quality of energy to this door, which is a great choice!

6. A Black Color Front Door with A Rustic Sense of Elegance

rustic black color feng shui front door

This black door is intriguing and powerful for many reasons. I love the design of the door with rustic wood planks, and I love that it is colored in high gloss paint. The archway above the door is stunning and the owners so very cleverly used it for the unique representation of house numbers. A powerful and great feng shui choice! Love the pots and plants, a bigger/wider doormat would sure make it all look even better. Very good feng shui for all three compass directions that love the Water element – North, Southeast, and East.

7. An Awesome Modern Black Color Door

black front door color feng shui

I love the modern look of this black color front door! It has a generous and relaxed kind of energy, which is perfect for its proximity close to the beach. Love the lettering on the door, love the door hardware. Excellent feng shui for all three Water energy-loving compass directions — East, Southeast, and North.

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