Feng Shui of White and Gray Color Front Doors

grey color feng shui front door

Curious about the feng shui of white and gray color doors?

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The white color front doors are the least popular ones, most probably because white is not a very practical color for a front door! Feng shui-wise, white color is also a very neutral color, meaning it does not attract energy, but rather contains it. So the energetical explanation compliments the practical one as to why the white front doors are not a very popular choice.

There is an exception to everything, though, and I have seen fabulous, high gloss white color doors that are a pleasure to look at (mostly they were front doors of a condo, not a house). The closest color to white (in its feng shui element energy) is the gray color, and this is where you have many more choices to look at — from soft cashmere gray to deep charcoal gray color. Both white and gray colors are the expression of the Metal feng shui element, and are best suited for a front door that faces a compass direction that loves this element.

1. Simple and Soft Gray Color Front Door — Good Feng Shui

soft gray color front door

I love the velvety softness of this warm gray color, as well as all the details around it. I even like the fact that the door hardware is a bit old and looks mismatched — there is something charming and genuine about it. The choice of the wood planter in the warm finish is excellent, and so is the black color lantern. This color is excellent feng shui for a front door that faces West or Northwest. If there were less Wood element (the planter and the plant), then it could also be a great choice for a North facing front door.

2. A Charming White Color Door with A Strong Presence

white front door color feng shui

This white color door looks absolutely precious and really stands out — thanks to the surrounding stone wall. This is one of those rare cases when a white color front door is an excellent choice as it brightens the space and actually draws in more energy. I love the ingenious way of displaying the house numbers,  the black color door knocker, and mailbox, as well as the glass lanterns. This is a great feng shui color choice for a West or Northwest facing front door.

3. Another Bright and Happy White Color Front Door
white color front door good feng shui

Here is another exception to the rule — a white color front door that is full of joy and presence! There is such an abundance of light in this home that going for a color other than white could have actually distracted from this oasis of natural light. Love the big and beautiful silver doorknob centrally placed on the lower part of the door, love the little white shutters on the glass side panel of the door. Of course, love the high gloss paint finish on the door — there is something undeniably luxurious about a door with a high gloss paint! Excellent feng shui choice for a front door facing West, Northwest or North.

4. A Different Type of Luxury – A Striking Gray Color Front Door

feng shui front door gray color

This house — and the front door — look awesome and luxurious, an industrial type of luxury. There is an obvious, meticulous attention to details and proportions and I love everything about this photo — from the beautiful gray color door to the awesome and huge metal pots with plants and the beautiful light pendant. One word of caution, though, if you are considering this specific door design — you never want a big cross like that on the design of your door. Energetically, this door closes the house and says  “Access Denied”. This is the absolute opposite of what you want a good feng shui front door to do — you want the door to draw the energy in versus deny its access to the house. Everything else is perfect and great feng shui for all three Metal element loving directions: West, Northwest, and North.

5. A Deeper Gray Color Front Door – Neutral Feng Shui Energy

gray color feng shui front door

Here’s a gray color front door that has a pretty neutral energy — it feels steady and solid. Love the beautiful crisp white color molding around the door — it really makes the door stand out!  This is the reason why a neutral gray color works so well for this specific door — you do not want all the details to have a loud voice (energetically speaking). I also love the fan-like glass inserts above the door, as well as the lantern. The style and the positioning of the house numbers are very attractive, and the high gloss flower pots subtly add to this sophisticated beauty. Excellent feng shui color choice and design elements for all three Metal element loving compass directions — West, Northwest, and North.

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