Feng Shui Home & Life Makeover is now OPEN (but not for too long)

7 Weeks Online Feng Shui Course

Are you tired of feeling tired and anxious? Do you long for calm, peace, and beauty?

Yes, we live in turbulent times with chaotic energy that will only tend to increase in the next few years. This does not mean, though, that you have to live in chaos. This does not mean that you have to live in fear, anxiety, or even depression. What these times are calling for is calm, strength, and clarity, and you can only sustain this vital energy in yourself when you have a place to recharge, rejuvenate, and replenish.

Feng shui has the tools to help create a wholesome home with good energy, from a bedroom to feel nourished into a home office area that doesn’t take over your life. From a living room where your family can truly relax to a bathroom that is refreshing rather than damaging the energy of your home.

Being so popular, feng shui most probably has caught your attention a few times and you might have even applied a few tips here and there with some results. Did it work for you long term, though? Did it help you become calmer, stronger, more centered, and empowered?

You might have read a few good feng shui books and have applied feng shui tips in your home. Some things felt better, but not for too long.

Then you probably decided to explore — or maybe even take courses — on complex feng shui formulas with hard to pronounce, exotic words. Somehow that promised to assure success and achievement of all your dreams because it was presented as something authentic and powerful.

That didn’t last long, either.

Months or even years later, you’re still in the same spot looking for a change.
At this point, you are either tired of hearing about feng shui or just disappointed. Some people do achieve results with it, though, so part of you still hopes feng shui can work for you.

What if you are just wasting precious time again? And what have you not done right before? Are you too naive? Too critical? Not smart enough?

Should you try again?

You had such high hopes in applying feng shui; you’ve moved all your furniture around, placed all the right images in all the right places, and even bought quite a few strange-looking feng shui cures.

Still, the changes did not last. Why?

Feng shui is not a quick fix for your home. It’s a healing system. This is why your feng shui efforts just didn’t work long-term.


A system that has been proven to work. A system that requires you to go through the whole process and apply it step by step. A system that will truly transform your home and your life.

Feng shui is not a decorating art, but a deeply healing ancient body of knowledge that has to be approached in a specific way.

It is a powerful transformational tool, and an expedited one, meaning it can work very fast, but you have to be available for the inner work that it implies.

And you have to follow a clear system.

I designed this 7 weeks feng shui course with a focus on you, as well as your home, as one is the mirror for the other. Many processes will be shared to empower you and help you honestly look at your life so you can use feng shui to help live with clarity, calm, confidence, and inner joy.

The Feng Shui Home & Life Makeover gives you a clear blueprint for creating a good feng shui home to enjoy a life based on calm, clarity, and confidence. This 7-week course starts on January 8th, 2021, the registration opens on December 29th.

Join us.

Rodika Tchi

Rodika Tchi is a master feng shui consultant and author of two best-selling books on feng shui -- "The Healing Power of Smudging" (Simon and Schuster, 2017) and "Feng Shui for Healing" (Rockridge Press, 2019). Connect with Rodika on RodikaTchi.com