Your Two Feng Shui Houses and the Five Feng Shui Priorities

Feng shui s a fascinating subject. Complex, deep, multi-layered, powerful, and very much misunderstood and misused, too. Feng shui is very old, which leaves a lot of room for interpretation. It did not come into existence to help one find a better job or to quickly change one’s life. It did not even come to help create a happy home. Being a mystical Taoist art, feng shui was first used to help find the most powerful spots for burial sites.

Today there is definitely a tendency to get lost in the extremes of its translation — it is either the need for never-ending rigid calculations or the quest for frivolous and quick gratification of one’s needs and desires. Neither of these extremes works because the power of Chi, or Universal energy is way beyond any calculations or quick fixes.

Being a Taoist art and science, feng shui is part of the same body of knowledge that contains the wisdom of Tao Te Ching, Qigong, Tai Chi, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and more. It is a lifelong art of developing energy awareness and its consistent cultivation, of living in harmony with both your inner and your outer energies. Both streams of harmony are interconnected because ultimately they are one and the same, but for the sake of clarity, it is as important to cultivate your inner energetic power and harmony as it is to create the outer harmony in your space.

While feng shui has numerous tools for correcting one’s environment in order to re-establish a sense of harmony, it is an art that is designed to empower you and not to take your power away. I keep saying and writing this over and over again because it is truly disheartening to see how quickly people give their power away for a promised quick fix.

Your Two Feng Shui Houses

We are living in challenging times, the destruction we have cased to our planet is echoing in a lot of suffering for ourselves. One of the most powerful things you can do today is to take genuine responsibility for yourself/your first feng shui house and then for your energetic and physical space, which is your second feng shui house. This is when feng shui will bring you many blessings because it becomes a meaningful partnership.

As you are clearing and strengthening the energy flow in your body, creating more harmony and releasing negative emotions, you are also helping your home (and any space you find yourself in for a while) to clear and strengthen its energy, too.  So next time you find yourself rushing to buy a new feng shui cure that is supposed to protect you from all kinds of disaster or want specific feng shui calculations to fix your house once and for all, step back a bit and take a deep breath.

Your house —  even if you just bought it — is a reflection of your own energy.  If you focus only on fixing the outside to help alleviate your difficulties, be they fears,  worries, or any other concerns — trust me they will only keep accumulating. Focusing on the reflection of the issue does not fix the issue. It only fixes the reflection. You have to keep your focus on both and keep the scales balanced, so to speak.

A Feng Shui Partnership

When you find yourself needing urgent help with the feng shui of your house because of its perceived flaws,  choose to do something different. Go for a long walk. Dance. Sing out loud or cry. Shake it all off and let the house just be for a bit. Find a way that works for you to connect to your own energy and clear it first.

Then come back refreshed and reenergized, taking full responsibility for your part. This is when this mystical Taoist art will open its doors to you. It is a very complex art with layers upon layers of environmental wisdom, but you cannot leave yourself out of the picture if you want to truly benefit from its power and knowledge.

Cultivate your own energy, learn to let go of negative emotions, to strengthen your energy field and meet your living space as an equal partner, not as a servant. Just like in any other important relationship in your life, only when you have taken full responsibility for yourself,  the true joy and harmony can happen. Stop that strange co-dependent relationship of yet another feng shui cure to fix this or that and stand tall and strong, taking full ownership of yourself and your space.

From this place, you will know the best choice of feng shui cures and adjustments for your specific situation and your specific home. Not that you will not keep learning and discovering new things about feng shui (of course, you will!)  but there will be a totally different energy to your feng shui work from now on; it will be filled with ease, grace, confidence, and power. It will be filled with lasting results because your work will be based on a strong and stable energetic foundation.

A completely empty space often has better feng shui energy than the one filled with trinkets and adjustments placed out of fears or concerns. Think about that.

Feng Shui Priorities

You might be living in the same home for over twenty years or you might find yourself moving often from place to place for a variety of reasons. Even though these situations are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, there are 5 feng shui priorities that apply to both, priorities that are there to help you create good feng shui energy no matter where you are at the moment. I have been on both ends of the spectrum — living in the same home for a long time and now following the call to travel and live in many sacred spots around the planet. These priorities are simple, but with consistent application, they will help create a protective and strong energetic foundation for you.

Applying these 5 priorities will help you tap into the feng shui wisdom in a gentle and long-lasting way, as well as keep your two feng shui houses healthy and harmonious.  These are the steps I always apply, no matter where I am.

5 Feng Shui Basics for both a Permanent and a Temporary Home

1. I always clear the energy of the space (smudging, burning incense and candles, using clapping and healing sounds as often and for as long as I feel it’s needed). This applies to my permanent home, and especially to the places I live while traveling.  The bed and the space around it should be cleared well and cleared often. Some rooms and homes will need to be space cleared more than others, so if you are still learning how to sense/read energy, just incorporate clearing the energy of your space into your daily or weekly routine, it takes very little time and it helps assure an energetically clean space.

2. I almost always reposition the furniture, even if just a bit. You might have to do it less in your permanent home, let’s say every 3 months or so (just a slight repositioning of furniture for a fresh flow) and way more often while traveling (I do this in each new space). This releases the trapped/stagnant energy, allowing it to move freely and establish new and fresh pathways.

3. I always create an altar, no matter how small, to ground and elevate the energy. In my permanent home I had quite a few of them, naturally arising in many areas of the home. When I travel, I have one altar, sometimes two, to focus the energy.

My altars are simple, I have a few crystals, an image or two with power and meaning for me, my mala, as well as a few items from nature, either picked up from the area I am in or coming from an especially powerful spot. I have a candle, my sage branches, and an incense stick. Your altar might be very different, choose what makes you feel grounded and centered, as well as elevates your spirit.

4. I keep my daily personal practice, without excuses, especially while traveling.  This keeps my energy solid and grounded, as well as helps observe a variety of energies, both inner and outer, without getting lost in them.  Keeping your first feng shui house, your body, with all its rooms — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual — clean and clear is extremely important. Only from this place you can create good energy in your second feng shui house, your actual home; and only then the good feng shui energy there will actually last.

5. I always make a priority to spend time in nature, to receive and let my body absorb healing earth vibrations of the place I am in. The trees and the various water sources are a powerful source of healing energy, and so are various land formations. Taking in the energy of the sky is very important for me, too, even if just for a short while.

I trust these 5 basic steps will help you establish the connection to your own inner feng shui master and healer; the one that knows exactly which energies are best for your well-being in any given moment. The one that will teach you patience, wisdom, and simplicity for the benefit of all beings. “Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world”, affirms Tao Te Ching, the source of all Taoist practices, including feng shui.

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Rodika Tchi


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