Use Feng Shui To Attract and Nourish Love

Simple feng shui tips to attract and nourish the energy of love and romance

Feng shui for love relationships and marital harmony is one of the most popular applications of feng shui. Why feng shui for love? Well, it’s kind of obvious, isn’t it? The energy of love is like sunlight, we all need it. Since feng shui is known to have the tools to help attract the desired energy into one’s life, much attention is given to various love cures and tips. However, before we go into easy feng shui tips to help you attract love — and a possible long-term relationship/marriage — let’s agree on one thing.

To have a genuine and lasting love relationship, you have to know how to love yourself and take care of your own emotional needs. No amount of the most popular feng shui love cures will help you long term if the energy of self-love is missing. You can certainly use feng shui to attract a fantastic love affair, but it might not become a lasting love relationship. This quick feng shui love-check up will help you clearly see if you are actually open and ready for a beautiful love relationship.

Feng Shui Love Tip 1

Transform your bedroom into a place of nurturing sensuality and healing beauty, a place that has balanced energy for two people, not just one. Be sure you genuinely love the way your bedroom looks and feels – from wall colour and window treatment to your bed linens and bedroom art. Make sure your bed has balanced energy on both sides, meaning it is easy to approach from either side. Create energy around your bed that is strong and grounded, which is usually done with nightstands — or something similar — on both sides. It is also highly recommended to have a good feng shui bed with a good, solid headboard.

Feng Shui Love Tip 2

Transform your bathroom into a spa that has a healing and sensual energy that is also crisp and fresh. This is easier said than done, especially because we tend to ignore our bathrooms, while in feng shui they are considered important just because of all the potential negative energy that a neglected bathroom can create. In terms of a successful love relationship, this is a space, feng shui-wise, that holds quite a bit of power because it is regularly used for cleansing, purification and pampering one’s energy — which is a lot for one space! Be sure your bathroom is not only clean and organized but also has a sense of beauty and spa-like pampering energy.

Feng Shui Love Tip 3

Use modern feng shui cures for love and be sure they work with your home decor and, most importantly, that you genuinely like them. Do not just place the famed feng shui Mandarin ducks in your love corner and expect a love relationship overnight! Go for modern feng shui cures such as beautiful art that depicts two lovers, a bowl of rose quartz crystals or rose quartz carvings, two big candle pillars in slightly different sizes, etc.

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While you can certainly have the feng shui love cures throughout your home (in a tasteful manner, of course!); they are most powerful when placed in the feng shui love and marriage bagua area. Your feng shui love area can be determined in two ways, depending on which bagua school you want to apply. This short video will help you understand the 2 feng shui baguas and which one to choose for yourself. Do your best to approach feng shui intelligently and patiently, be wise in applying this ancient wisdom in your home, and I promise you will start seeing beautiful results in no time.

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