The Feng Shui Mystery (and Use) of Bagua Mirrors

Practical tips for the use of feng shui bagua concave and convex mirrors

The bagua mirror is one of the most popular classical, or traditional feng shui cures. It is also one of the most misunderstood and misused feng shui cures. Combining two very powerful forces – the feng shui power of a mirror with the unquestionable power of the bagua – this feng shui cure should be handled carefully, used mindfully and with a clear and proper intent.

More often than not, the bagua mirror is used as an ultimate feng shui “show off” protection cure, especially with people who are just starting to apply feng shui. I can’t even start counting how many bagua mirrors I have seen in my clients’ homes that were doing more harm than good!

If you are new to feng shui, it is very important to understand that applying a feng shui cure without knowing its actual power and purpose is worse than not using a cure at all. If you are interested in the proper use of the feng shui bagua mirror – both concave and convex – let’s explore its ancient magic, along with the modern use.

What is a feng shui bagua mirror?

The bagua mirror is an ancient feng shui cure that consists of a round mirror framed in the octagonal shape of the bagua. Each side of the octagonal frame has  three lines called trigrams that represent a specific energy/stage of life. You might recognize the trigrams if you have studied the I-Ching, or the Book of Changes. The bagua design around the mirror creates a strong energetic field that helps amplify the specific power of the mirror, and the mirror, in turn, continuously multiplies and carries this force field further by keeping it active.

The mirror can be a concave or a convex mirror, and sometimes just a simple mirror is being used.  The frame in itself comes in many materials – from wood to metal, and in several colors. The most popular color combinations for the feng shui bagua mirror are red, yellow and green or yellow, black and red colors. There are two types of bagua designs of the bagua mirror frame, they are called the Early Heaven Bagua and the Later Heaven Bagua.

The Early Heaven Bagua, also called the Primordial Bagua, is recognized by the three unbroken lines on top of the frame. This is the bagua mirror that you most often see placed above front doors or big windows for protection. It is always placed with the Heaven trigram on top  (the Heaven trigram is the three unbroken lines representing Yang energy and called Chi’en in I Ching)

The Later Heaven Bagua mirror has the so-called Li trigram on top (one interrupted, yin line, between two uninterrupted, yang lines). This is the trigram that symbolizes Fire and belongs to the Fame/Illumination bagua area. It is the one you always see on top of a detailed feng shui bagua map that is used to define the energy in any given space. This is not the bagua mirror design that you would traditionally use for protection. You can often see bagua mirrors with deeper bagua layers than just the trigrams, but, for the purpose of using the bagua mirror for protection, always look to see which trigram is on top of the mirror.

How do I use the feng shui bagua mirror?

Traditionally, the feng shui bagua mirror has always been used to protect the place from negative energy. The specific energy of protection is created by the choice of the bagua mirror – concave or convex –  as they deal with negative energy in different ways. There are two uses of the feng shui bagua mirror, the most powerful one being for protection. Another use of the feng shui bagua mirror is for overall activation of energy. In both cases, you have to monitor the use of the mirror as well as sometimes replace it or change its location.

The first step in choosing a bagua mirror for protection is to be sure to always choose the Earlier Heaven Bagua design on your mirror. This is the design with the three unbroken lines on top (Chi’en trigram) symbolizing the energy of Heaven in the ancient book of I Ching. The second step is to define the type, or the strength of protection that is needed in your case. This will determine the choice of either a concave or convex bagua mirror.

Which bagua mirror to choose: concave or convex?

A concave mirror (the one that “caves in”) will neutralize or even eliminate the negative energy by sucking it in. This is a choice that is most often preferred as it does not create more negativity by bouncing it around. It is also a choice that will need to be replaced more often, as it might loose its power in time if not taken care of properly.

The convex mirror is the one that is bowing out, like a dome. It is a more aggressive way of dealing with the negative energy as it pushes it out where it came from. The concern with using a convex bagua mirror is that it can create a perpetual cycle of negativity, especially if the specific source of negative energy that you want protection from is also using a similar cure.

It is always best when the use of the bagua mirror is suggested by a professional feng shui consultant, as they will have a deeper insight into the specific quality of energetic protection that your house needs. More often than not, you can use modern cures with similar power to a bagua mirror, cures that will work better with your overall house look and design.

However, if you feel you need a bagua mirror and want to make the choice by yourself, here are the two questions to ask yourself before choosing a specific mirror type: How strong is the negative energy pushing at your house? Do they use any similar protection cures that aim at your house? For example, let’s say you are living in a T-junction house, which means there is a constant flow of harsh energy pointing at your house. Obviously, none of the cars using the road are doing it to you intentionally, and the negative quality of energy is created by the situation itself.

You can definitely use the convex mirror to push the energy out, and you will have to place it strategically, meaning in the most active spot that gets the constant “bombardment” of energy. Or, you can just place it above the front door or big window that is facing the road. Using a concave mirror in this case will not be wise, as it will only absorb strong doses of negative energy and you will need to replace it very often.

Let’s say you have an attacking, Sha Chi quality of energy, pointing at your front door that is created by a sharp angle in the design of your neighbours front door. And let’s say that for some reason they either use a convex bagua mirror, or a cure/design element with a similar, pushing type quality of energy aiming at your house.

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In this case, if you choose to protect your home with a convex mirror, you will only be creating a constant, active field of negative energy that gets amplified instead of getting  neutralized. So your best choice will be a concave mirror that you might have to keep an eye on, as well as strengthen the house with additional protective energy. When in doubt, always start with a concave mirror, unless you know for sure that a convex one is needed.

Typical cases when a feng shui bagua mirror can help

You can use a feng shui bagua mirror when your house is facing:

  • A T-junction
  • A very busy business or residence
  • A place with potentially challenging energy such as a cemetery
  • A piece of abandoned land
  • A house with aggressive design features pointing at your front door
  • A house with negative energy very close to your house (constant arguments, fights, violence, etc)
  • A construction site

How to place the bagua mirror

Typically, the feng shui bagua mirror is placed above the front door or a big window. It is always placed on the outside, or, if you place it on the inside (as in case of a window, for example) you will position it to face the source of negative energy. As this is a cure that usually does a lot of work, you might need to replace it from time to time, or at least clean it well.

In conclusion, my best advice is to use a feng shui bagua mirror wisely and to always first look for alternative solutions. There are many subtle and similarly powerful solutions by using modern home or landscape decor that will create a strong protective energy for your home. It might be wise to initially look into solutions that will not be as visually striking as a bagua mirror, as well as not attract too much unnecessary attention or raised eyebrows from your neighbours.

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