Sage and Smudging


4″ sticks x 3
How To Smudge

5 Small Smudge Sticks

3 Smudge Sticks
Abalone Shell, Tripod Stand   

Abalone Shell & Stand
Smudging Feather
Dried Lavender
Abalone Shell, Sweetgrass
Sage, Cedar   


Liquid Smudging


Aqua de Florida
White Sage
Smudging Spray, 2 oz   

White Sage
Smudging Spray, 4 oz   

Lavender & Sage
Smudging Spray, 4 oz   




Premium Incense Holder
Nag Champa
Pinon Wood

Sacred Resin


2.4 oz, Clearing Negativity
Frankincense, 1 lbs
Myrrh, 1 lbs
White Copal, 1 lbs
10 x 10pcs Charcoal tablets
Tongs for Using Charcoal
Censer for Burning Resin
Sampler Kit
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