Feng Shui Tips for Energetic Home Protection

Do you really need to protect your home?

Part 1. How Negative Energies Enter Your House from the Outside (Basic)

Part 2. How Negative Energies Are Created in Your House (Basic)

Part 3. How To Clear and Protect from Negative Energies

The word “protection” can create a variety of images in one’s mind, along with the question –- Do I and my family really need it?  What kind of protection and from what? Does my house need it? How do I go about it and how do I know if it works?

The topic of protection is a sensitive one and we can endlessly look into its intricacies. However, if you have been with me for a while — I know many of you are loyal readers and clients for many years now — you know I offer practical and clear feng shui info, and will never offer something I do not believe in or feel it is irrelevant. So trust me on this one please — both your house, your family and you need protection, especially in these turbulent and very unstable times. I speak of energetic protection, which often works as well as the obvious protection you use in your home such as door locks, alarms, etc.

Do You and Your House Really Need Protection?

Just like you need protection from natural elements, so you need protection from a variety of energies that can be detrimental to your health and well-being. Wise old cultures around the world — from Africa to China, from Siberia to Bali — always kept protection in mind because they knew the world is full of potent energies of all sorts of quality, and many of them can negatively affect your health and well being. Houses were adorned with specific symbols and followed specific designs since ancient times, and people — especially babies, pregnant women, and elders— were always wearing protective jewelry or protective design elements in their clothing. 

We do not start with fear but rather with the understanding that we live in a powerful universe of which we are only a small and humble part of.  Many of us might still play with a variety of grandiose and honestly detrimental new age ideas but the truth is, the sooner we accept a humble and wise attitude about our place in the Universe, the better equipped we are to create the life we want in harmony with the Universal laws.  Behaving like arrogant masters will only lead us into deep trouble (it already did). Wisdom, watchfulness, and humbleness are the ways to success, so let’s explore how you can energetically protect yourself and your home.

In these intensely challenging and powerful times of awakening when everything is stirred, one can rise to heights of greatness, or dive deep into the pits of despair and darkness, so you have to choose very wisely what you allow in and around your home. You have to keep your intent and your commitments very clear. Our biggest job now is to keep the bright and positive energy alive inside us — both inside our hearts and inside our homes —  and that takes work and discipline.

The first, and most important, step in assuring protection is always in strengthening your own (and your house’s) energy field; and for that, you need to know what can weaken it.

What About the Floor Plan of Your House?

There is a lot to be said about the actual physical structure of the house, as the language of the floor plan in itself is a whole universe. Specific design features of the house can circulate and multiply good energy,  while other features will create and possibly multiply negative energies. I will cover this specific content in a separate entry, here I want to focus on immediate steps you can do, no matter what house you live in.

How Does Negative Energy Enter Your House?

The energy usually enters via external doors and windows. It also enters with any item you bring home that is of questionable energy, and with every person that comes in carrying negative vibrations. Understanding this makes the need for space clearing really obvious. In most homes — unless the owners are in conscious awareness of what is allowed into their space and work on keeping the energy clear — there is a build-up of negative energy that has many layers of toxicity in it.

Negative energy can also quickly enter a house that is too vulnerable, or too exposed to the elements. Here are three main features that contribute to a house vulnerable to negative energies.

1.) Fully exposed doors and windows. 

Check your doors and windows and see if they are too exposed to outside energies. Examples of “too exposed” are full glass front or back doors or front doors with big glass inserts in them.  Full-length floor to ceiling windows that are not “backed up, or “supported” by mature trees outside the window or a lush garden, are leaving the house fully exposed to potentially negative energies.

The so-called full-glass houses are a modern invention that takes feng shui wisdom to design wisely; most of the houses I saw were very beautiful and very bad feng shui at the same time. You can afford it in a vacation house, but you cannot afford it in your main house, no matter how strong your energy is.

Feng Shui Solution: Find a visually accepting way to provide protection for your house and keep the negative energy at bay, while cultivating and nourishing the good energy. Possible solutions include good window covering, planting a row of bushes or trees to provide “padding” for the most exposed areas of the house, painting the glass inserts into a darker color, or completely replace the front doors, etc.

2.) A sloped or exposed back of the house.

In feng shui, the right backing of the house is super important. You want a backing that serves as a mountain, which means it has the energy that is fully supportive, strong, and impenetrable. When you have a sloping back, or an exposed back, meaning there is a body of water (be it still or running), or a busy street/highway in your back, an unstable quality of energy is being created that weakens your house and leaves it vulnerable to negative energies.

Feng Shui Solution: Find creative ways to create strong backing for your house. This can include installing a high fence, designing smart landscaping to create a strong visual and sound barrier, working with the five feng shui elements to neutralize the element that is weakening your house backing, etc.

3.) Consistent attacking energy directed towards the house.

The notion of Sha Chi, or poison arrows is an important one in feng shui. Basically, Sha Chi means a quality of energy that is attacking your house. Imagine yourself constantly being attacked, or even just pocked all the time — you will start feeling frustrated, angry, etc and eventually your energy will get weaker. The same happens with houses or with any object, really.  The most common sources of Sha Chi directed towards a house include a sharp protruding corner from a nearby building, roof or antennae, a very busy T junction with your house at the receiving end of it, etc.

Feng Shui Solution: Neutralizing and protecting are the keywords here so first you have to see what can be done to negate the damaging incoming energy pointing at your house. Some of the most popular solutions are the right use of landscaping, using the so-called witches ball (a garden ball made of glass with a mirror-like surface), as well as using specific decor items inside the house in the affected areas. Do not bother with the bagua mirror because it rarely works, unless you work with a feng shui consultant that knows exactly what they are doing (and are using this cure in a very subtle way).

These are just three of the main sources of outside negative energy that prompt you to provide strengthening and protection for your house in order to assure yours and your family’s well-being. Know that there are many more, including specific earth energies that are detrimental to human health, but I want to stay with the basics here.

Now, how about the internal sources of negative energy?

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Rodika Tchi


Rodika Tchi is a master feng shui consultant, teacher, and author of two best-selling books on feng shui. She is the creator of The Feng Shui Home & Life Makeover, and has loyal clients all over the world. More about Rodika at TchiConsulting.com