Feng Shui Your Home To Attract Love

Use feng shui to attract the energy of love into your home and into your life

To many, love seems easy to attract and enjoy, but hard to keep. To others, neither attracting nor enjoying love works, let alone keeping it. And then there are those people who seem to not only enjoy and keep love but also constantly radiate love, thus attracting even more of it. What is their secret and how can you learn from these lucky people? Can feng shui explain it and help you attract and keep the love you dream of?

As feng shui is all about energy, many things can be seen by a discerning feng shui eye, so let’s use them. We all know the truth that like attracts like, so here come two feng shui steps that might be all you need to start enjoying a genuine love relationship. The first feng shui step is the one on which numerous feng shui love tips rest upon, and the second step is the one needed to express and strengthen the first one. If you master these two feng shui love steps, no more feng shui tips might be needed for you!

Feng Shui Love Step 1

If you want to attract and enjoy a lasting love relationship in your life, focus your intent on expressing the energy of love. This can be done with various feng shui for love cures such as art, decor items, plants, flowers, etc. Most of all, try to feel love and express love; it will help you attract the energy of a loving relationship. Sounds basic, I know, but not many people really pay attention to this simple truth.

You attract what you are, so be aware of the quality of your personal energy at all times. Being and expressing love means feeling totally loveable (which you are!) and not looking for love out of need, fear or insecurity. Feng shui can help you create a space that will support and strengthen your energy, thus allowing you to feel secure in yourself, happy and loveable. It will also help you express the energy of love with various symbols (also called feng shui love cures), be it classical or modern. Have at least several feng shui love cures in your home and place them in either your Love and Marriage bagua area or your lucky feng shui direction for love.

Feng Shui Love Step 2

Be sure your bedroom has a strong feng shui love energy and is nourishing, sensual and a pleasure to be in at any time during the day or night. Have your bedroom welcoming for two people, not just one, and take good care of the feng shui energy in your bedroom at all times. Your bedroom is very important in helping you find a beautiful love relationship, as well as nourish the relationship and keep it strong. The feng shui work on your bedroom starts with the basics like clutter clearing and good organization.

Know that the less stuff you have in your bedroom, the better the energy flow. Also be sure to check often the quality of air in your bedroom; a simple aromatherapy diffuser can do wonders to keep your bedroom air fresh, as well as infuse it with healing essential oils. Of course, this is in addition, and not instead of opening the windows daily for a fresh air flow.

Explore the best feng shui colours to have in your bedroom, understand what makes good feng shui bedroom art, bring images of love and sensuality and invest in the best bed and mattress you can possibly afford. If your bedroom seems challenging, do not despair, I have many easy feng shui solutions for all sorts of bedroom challenges. Make a habit of nurturing the energy in your bedroom and you will receive nourishing and deeply healing energy back, I promise.

The beauty of feng shui wisdom is that once you actually experience it, you realize how deeply the cosmic energy (called Chi) is connected to you. It communicates with you all the time because its sole purpose is your healing, happiness, and well-being on all levels. It is constantly calling you to awaken to a life of higher joy and beauty. And then you go even deeper and understand that you are the expression of this all-powerful, majestic and beautiful Universal energy. If you just allow yourself to express the love and beauty that you already are, the most amazing relationships will come into your life.

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Rodika Tchi

Rodika Tchi is a master feng shui consultant and author of two best-selling books on feng shui -- "The Healing Power of Smudging" (Simon and Schuster, 2017) and "Feng Shui for Healing" (Rockridge Press, 2019). Connect with Rodika on RodikaTchi.com