How To Find the Best Feng Shui Crystals for Your Home

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Use these 3 steps to help find the best crystals for your home (or office)

I adore crystals and stones and have way too many of them in my home. Most of them seem to be in constant movement, with a few major crystals occupying the same spot for a longer time. Being sensitive to energy, I often move them around, or neatly pack some crystals away as needed. If I display all my feng shui crystals, this can create a very loud and intense energy indeed! My admiration for crystals started early in life and grew stronger once I started working as a feng shui consultant.

As feng shui is all about good energy — how to create and maintain it in any given space — crystals come to the rescue with a myriad of abilities to do just that. Your feng shui crystals will clear the energy, raise it, protect your home from negative vibrations, create a specific quality of energy, and so much more. But first, what exactly is the meaning of feng shui crystals? Is it about a few specific crystals or is it more about the specific use of any crystal or stone for feng shui purposes?

The term feng shui crystals is often used to denote specific crystals with a long history of use in feng shui. For example, the jade stone is a good example of a popular feng shui crystal. However, just because jade was very popular in China (as it was accessible); this does not necessarily make it one of the best feng shui crystals. No crystal is really the best; it all depends on what you want to use it for. The truth is, almost any crystal or stone can be used to create and maintain good feng shui energy. All crystals come from the womb of the mother Earth and carry strong healing energy. So, the most accurate meaning of the term feng shui crystals is an abbreviation for the feng shui use of crystals and stones.

So let’s look now into the fascinating world of feng shui crystals by starting with three practical tips to find the best crystals for your space.

1. Define Your Budget.

You might not believe it, but crystals can cost anywhere from a couple dollars for a tumbled stone to thousands, if not tens of thousands for rare specimens, especially of a big size. I strongly suggest you decide on an initial budget and stick to it because I know very well how easy it is to spend a lot just because you fell in love with a crystal or stone!

Buying crystals can be a very impulsive purchase, especially if you are sensitive to energy. Believe me, I rarely buy on impulse; no shoes, dresses, makeup or whatever else is there can lure me in to buy right away, but with crystals, my story is different. So, I have learned to exercise self-restraint when I go crystal shopping because I can easily get into the “money does not matter” zone while being in the feng shui energy of crystals. My strong advice before you go shopping for crystals is to have a budget and stick to it, be it $10 or $10,000.

2. Know Your Needs.

What quality of energy are you looking for, what do you need the most? Do you want a more energizing quality of energy or is it a more calming and balancing one that you are drawn to? Do you need a fiery, creative energy or maybe the cooling, cleansing water energy is what you long for? What feeling (or energy) do you want this crystal to bring to your home or office, as well as maintain and help you cultivate in yourself? What color do you prefer or what colors work best for your space?

As with any purchase, it is always best to do your research, as well as be as clear as possible about your needs and desires. For example, if you want soft, loving energy, as well as a specific quality of energy to attract and maintain the energy of romantic love & marriage, then rose quartz is one of your best choices (among reasonably priced crystals). On the other hand, if you need sparkling, creative, fresh energy in your office, then a mid-size clear quartz cluster can do the job, especially if you activate it with fiery solar energy. If you need more grounding energy, then a hematite can be very helpful, while a green tourmaline can infuse your energy with more vitality.

3. Know Your Space.

Do you have a specific place in your home for your crystal? Is it your main entry that is asking for a crystal cluster? Maybe your bedroom can benefit from a few tumbled rose quartz stones? Or, is there just enough space for a specific size amethyst geode on your desk? Be realistic about your options because buying a big beautiful crystal and then not having the right place to display it can be quite sad. Or, displaying it in a way that diminishes and limits its energy.

My advice is to do a quick checkup of your home in order to define the potential spots for the crystals you want to buy. It can also be a good idea to have the measurements of the space where you want to place the crystal. Of course, if you are looking to buy several tumbled crystals, then this is not a concern, as they can easily fit into your pocket, purse or in any drawer.

Now let’s look into the properties and the feng shui use of the 8 most popular feng shui crystals to find out how their energy can benefit you and your home.

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