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3. The power of sound

The energy of sound is one of the most potent — and least understood — forces of transformation. Specific sounds have been used since ancient times in a variety of healing modalities, as well as in feng shui and space clearing. Having beautiful sounds in your garden is very beneficial for creating auspicious energy. One of the easiest and most popular ways to bring the power of sound into your garden is with high-quality wind chimes.

Feng shui-wise, a tall metal wind chime is best in bagua areas that love the Metal feng shui element. These areas are North, West, and Northwest. Of course, it all depends on what is happening in its surrounding, as for good feng shui we need all five elements, just in different proportions. In general, it is wise to avoid a strong presence of the Metal element — thus a big metal wind chime — in the East, Southeast, Southwest, and Northeast areas of your garden. A smaller metal chime, or a small wind chime made from any other elements such as wood, shells or crystals, is welcomed anywhere in your garden.

4. Color Power

feng shui garden decor

Color brings happiness and joy to any garden because in its essence, color is light, and light is #1 nutrition for the human energy field. Being a powerful feng shui cure that expresses the energy of the five feng shui elements, color is also one of the easiest ways to create good feng shui in your garden. While you might not have bright flowers blooming year round, you can certainly add colorful decor items to your garden in order to strengthen its feng shui energy.

We have found a few delightful decor items as good feng shui cures for the garden, see which ones will enliven your garden the most. When working with the garden decor in a variety of colors, you can bring them into any bagua area of your garden in order to energize it. However, if you choose one big item with predominantly one color, let’s say a big magenta color flag, then you have to be mindful of its positioning according to the feng shui element it represents.

5. Enchanted Protection

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These popular garden balls can serve as a powerful feng shui cure for your garden. Also called gazing balls or witches balls, they can reflect negative energy in a very swift and harmonious movement. As with the placement of any feng shui cure, the best area of your garden to place them is the one that corresponds to the feng shui element your specific garden ball represents. For example, a red color garden ball is excellent in a Fire feng shui element area, while a green color ball brings good energy to the East and Southeast areas because of its expression of the Wood element.

If you want to use the garden ball as a feng shui cure for protection, its best location is determined by the area that needs strengthening and protecting. This can be the case with a cul-de-sac house, or a house that has many windows facing a busy road. A mirror-like surface garden ball is the best cure here as it reflects all unwanted energies.

6. Movement Power

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Good feng shui means a good flow of energy. This implies constant movement in order to avoid the formation of stagnant energy. This movement can be a subtle quality of movement, such as a chime gently moving in the wind, or it can be a strong and vibrant movement such as water rushing down in a big water feature. Bringing the power of movement to your garden will help keep its energy fresh and vibrant.

As with the placement of all garden decor items to be used as feng shui cures, your wind spinners are best placed according to their feng shui element. Study the feng shui color wheel to understand how colors express specific feng shui elements, then see which element is needed in a specific bagua area of your garden.

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