Great Feng Shui Front Door Colors To Admire and Learn From

feng shui front door colors

Looking for the best feng shui color for your front door?

Front doors are hugely important in feng shui because energetically, this is how the house gets its Chi, or energy nutrition. The front door is called the mouth of Chi in feng shui for this very reason. What that means on a practical level is that you want your house to have a door that is strong, vibrantly healthy (yes, the so-called inanimate object have their own health, too!) so that it is able to draw in all the good energy you need in order to thrive in your home. Of course, this is just the beginning, as once you get the good Chi into your home, you need to know what to do with it, so understanding the feng shui basics and applying them in your home is so very important. However, it all starts at your front door.

In simple terms, a good feng shui door is a door that has all the practical things taken care of, such as its cleanliness and look, AND a door that is in harmony with the feng shui element of the compass direction it is facing. The most obvious expression of a feng shui element is in color, so these series of articles with photos will give you plenty of inspiration no matter which direction your house front door is facing.

Without confusing you too much if you are new to feng shui, I have created several awesome photo galleries showcasing a variety of beautiful front doors, and while you admire them, I will give you basic feng shui tips to make the learning easy.

1. Orange Color Frond Door — Awesome Feng Shui

feng shui front door color orange

This is an incredibly vibrant and beautiful orange color, and the huge and yummy green color pots compliment this door color perfectly! I love the size of the pots, as well as the clean black lanterns on each side. The circular opening above the door further emphasizes the sunny quality of the energy of this front door. Absolutely ideal feng shui combo for a South facing front door.

2. Magenta Color Front Door — Intense Joy and Great Feng Shui

magenta feng shui front door color

All I can say when I look at this bright hot pink/magenta color door is that I am in love. Simply in love. Everything in it fills my heart with joy – the awesome door color, the round top of the door, the pristine white color of the walls, the aged brick pavement and the vibrant greenery. The black color of the door hardware and the lamp brings a sense of grounding and focus to this view, otherwise one might just fly away! (This is what color black does, it visually and energetically grounds the energy of the space). Just like in the photo of a Hermes orange color door with the big green pots (photo #1), this is ideal feng shui for a South facing front door. It’s a totally different style, but the same essence of energy as an expression of the Fire feng shui element.

3. Softer Orange Color Door — A Jewel in Hiding

orange feng shui front door color

If you think that orange color is an extravagant choice for only a few selected houses, this image should convince you otherwise! What you see looks like a pretty humble house, but what a great job the owners have done with the front door! It literally feels like a jewel – emphasized by the brilliant shape lantern above the door – and it also fits harmoniously with the house. Feng shui-wise, there is more of an earthy energy here (meaning the presence of the Earth feng shui element), so in addition to a South facing door, this can be a good choice for a Southwest or a Northeast front door.

4. Yellow Color Front Door — A Burst of Sunshine

yellow color feng shui front door

Absolutely love this sunny yellow color front door, how can you not smile when you look at it? It’s an instant burst of sunshine and happiness. Again, the black color details do a great job of grounding the energy and the three pots of different size (great choice!) create a more fluid, joyful energy. I also love the soft grey color flooring and the natural fiber doormat. Great choice for a South facing front door to honor and strengthen the feng shui element of this direction. By now you have probably guessed we are looking at all the Fire feng shui element color doors? Yes, we are.

5. Red Color Door on a Humble Old House

red color feng shui front door
I love this bright red color door – especially because it is on what looks like an old, humble house. Somehow we think of red doors gracing only perfect houses — this is definitely not true. The owners have done a great job with the choice of strong red color — especially since the door has windows in it (not the best feng shui energy for a front door). I love the black color hardware, love the tall pot to the left with a bit of greenery, love the subtle play of white and gray colors on the house exterior. The terracotta flooring and the sisal doormat definitely add warmth and balance to the energy of this front door. Great feng shui for a South, Southwest or Northeast facing front door.

6. Fresh, Sweet Pink Color Front Door

soft pink color feng shui front door
This pale pink looks perfect for this house – not too sweet, not too strong, but just right! Love the symmetry of pots and lanterns, love the subtle gray color flooring and the inviting doormat. The Earth feng shui element details (terracotta pots) add a touch of protection and grounding to this front door, as energetically this is a weak door (too many windows plus the upper part being able to function separately from the lower part). This is a very good color choice for a front door facing a compass direction that is either of the Fire feng shui element (South) or is nourished by Fire (Southwest and Northeast).

7. Coral Red Color Door — When Red is Too Much and Pink is not A Choice

coral red color feng shui front door
Coral red is a beautiful color choice when you want to bring warm, fiery energy to your front door but would rather avoid the intensity of red, the striking presence of orange or the sweetness of pink. This is a complex color that actually has quite a bit of pink disguised :) in it; it is also a color that brings a sense of comfort and uplifting stability. Great choice for a Southwest or Northeast facing front door.

8. Cool Pink Color Apartment Front Door

feng sui front door apartment pink color

And if you live in an apartment, this is a perfect example of a very strong door – not only it has an awesome, but very calm and elegant pink color, it also has a generous size doormat, 2 big baskets to ground the energy and the fancy boots! Yes, I know this is called photo styling and it is not that you need to leave your beautiful boots outside the door to complete the look. It does give you a sense of a strong door and the elements that make it so. Even if you cannot paint the door of your apartment or condo, you can still implement subtle changes to give your door a commanding, strong, and protective energy. This pink color is perfect for both a South facing door (Fire element), as well as Southwest or Northeast facing door (Earth feng shui element).

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