How To Apply the Annual 2020 Feng Shui Updates with the Western Bagua of Your Home or Office

The annual feng shui updates and the BTB bagua

I am asked so often about the annual feng shui updated for the Western bagua, so here you go – the info on applying the 2020 feng shui updates when working with the Western/BTB bagua is here for you.  Let me state that applying the annual feng shui updates is usually done with the classical feng shui bagua. Trying to mix the two feng shui schools can create a lot of confusion and chaos in your home (and in your head). Still, if you feel really dedicated to good feng shui and are ready to spend more time on understanding the annual feng shui updates, as well as how to apply them with the Western bagua style (not easy!); I will help you.

Before we go step by step, let me remind you that good feng shui is actually constant work and its foundation is mostly based on logical steps, such as keeping your home clean and clutter-free, having enough natural light to nourish your space, good quality air, etc. No amount of charming Mandarin ducks or even well done, intelligent feng shui decorating will help promote good feng shui if your indoor air pollution is at alarming levels and the only lights you are using are the depressing ceiling lights. OK, I’ll stop here.

The main difficulty in applying the annual feng shui updates with the Western bagua is that one considers the compass directions (the Classical feng shui bagua), and the other one doesn’t (the Western/BTB bagua). However, looking a bit deeper in order to understand how the annual updates are calculated (and where they originated from), we come across a mystical tool called the Lo Shu Square. This ancient tool, the Lo Shu Square,  does not take directions into consideration (at least initially it did not). So then, logically we might say: “Yay, great, then what’s the big deal?”

Well, the big deal is that over the years so many specific guidelines were developed by different feng shui schools as to how to treat the bagua of a home or office (and in case of the Western/BTB bagua some are contradictory); so it gets really hard to combine both baguas. I always suggest not to combine the two schools and not to apply the annual feng shui updates with the Western bagua unless you have enough strength of commitment, have been practicing feng shui for a while, as well as know the bagua of your home by heart.

Ok, let’s proceed step by step (or more like bagua area by bagua area) and see how to apply the annual 2020 feng shui updates if you are working with the Western bagua. I will follow the same principle I wrote the annual updates for the classical bagua – instead of dividing the areas into good and bad areas we will go area by area in the clockwise motion. Notice that the traditional representation of the bagua — no matter classical or BTB — is with the South direction on top (or Fame area in case of BTB) — so I say clockwise considering the feng shui bagua dynamic.

Let’s start with your Health and Family area, placed mid-left on your Western bagua.

This area has challenging energies in 2020. Do your absolute best to keep this area quiet, avoid any Fire element decor, which is usually not good here anyway. Minimizing the Earth element decor is also a wise way to go. So if you usually have many crystals here, do place them somewhere else as in 2020 keeping crystals in the East area is not a good idea.

This is the best area to use your feng shui salt water cure in 2020. It is also highly recommended to bring a strong presence of the Metal feng shui element with various traditional feng shui cures such as a six hollow rods wind chime, six Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon or a metal Wu Lou (Chinese gourd).

Or, choose to go for more modern and subtle feng shui Metal element decorating such as using colors white and gray, metal bowls, metal art frames, round shapes, etc. Basically, you have to do your best to have a strong presence of the Metal feng shui element in your decor, to limit Fire energy, as well as to leave this bagua area undisturbed in 2020.

You can also keep all your native Wood element decor here, as Wood also weakens the energy of the visiting negative star. So plants, images of trees and lush meadows, colors green and brown and decor items made from wood are all good.

To sum up the 2020 recommendations for the Health and Family area, do your best to avoid Fire and Earth elements in all your decor here, emphasize Metal and Wood, bring the salt water cure and keep the area quiet,

Next, let’s look at the Money and Abundance area in 2020.

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Rodika Tchi

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