How To Make Your Own Feng Shui Salt Water Cure

Easy steps to make a powerful feng shui protection cure

If you are ready to make your very own feng shui salt water cure, here are the easy to follow instructions. If you are not familiar with this cure or its purpose, be sure to first read all about the feng shui salt water cure — from what it is to how to use it.

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What You Need for Your Salt Water Cure

  • Salt (ideally high-quality rock salt)
  • One Container (either glass, porcelain or metal)
  • Water to fill the container
  • Six Chinese Coins (made from brass)
  • A protective mat, or a stand.

How To Make Your Salt Water Cure

  1. Fill your chosen container with salt up to 3/4 of its capacity.
  2. Place the six Chinese coins on top of the salt with the yang side up (the yang side is the side with the four Chinese characters).
  3. Fill the container with water.

Your salt water cure is ready!

How and Where To Place Your Salt Water Cure

Place the container on a protective mat, or on a stand in the bagua area of your home that needs its help (check the annual updates for the bagua areas that need it the most in any specific year).  Be sure to leave the container open, do not cover it, or place it in a covered space, such as in a kitchen cupboard, for example. 

Place your feng shui salt water cure in an area where you know the container will be safe, meaning it will not be tipped over, moved, or otherwise tampered with. Usually, a room corner works well.

If you do not like the look of the salt water cure (it will change even more in time); you can place it behind a decor object so that your feng shui cure is not visible. For example, you can have your salt water cure behind the sofa, a screen, or behind a big lush plantWhen placing your feng shui salt water cure, take into consideration that you should be able to have easy access to your cure in order to add water as needed.

How To Take Care of Your Salt Water Cure

Depending on the levels of negativity in the space where it is placed, the feng shui salt water cure can get “overgrown” with salt crust/have its edges taken over by the salt formation very quickly. In some homes, this cure will need to be replaced only once a year (still topping it up with water as needed) and in some, you will have to replace it every few months.

It is important to know that you will need to top your salt water cure with water when the water level in it gets too low, and you will need to keep doing this till the time when the edges of this cure are completely overtaken by the salt formation.

How To Let Go and Replace Your Salt Water Cure

Once this feng shui cure looks like it is about to get covered in snow :) it is time to let it go. Do not try to cleanse it and put it back where it was; you need to fully let go of the old one as its look clearly shows you that this cure has accumulated too much negativity.

Ideally, the way to dispose of it is to place the whole cure in a sealed container and either recycle it or put it in the trash bin. Find a way to do this in a way that is respectful both of Mother Earth, as well as your own need to keep the negative energies at bay.

This is all you need to know in order to use this powerful cure in your annual feng shui work! As with all other feng shui cures — be they the annual cures or the more permanent feng shui cures — be sure to use your clear intent when placing them in your home, as this always increases their power.


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