The Healing Power of Smudging

Cleansing Rituals to Purify Your Home, Attract Positive Energy and Bring Peace into Your Life

When you hear the phrase “smudging your home,” what images come to mind? What thoughts and feelings? Do you feel a slight sense of intimidation? Does it sound too complicated? Messy? Unnecessary? Even though the ritual of smudging has made a comeback in the recent years, many people remain daunted by the concept of smudging their homes. The idea can leave one feeling skeptical or overwhelmed, either because they fear creating too much smoke, believe that smudging is somehow a religious ritual, or feel that the whole process is too complex.

Even when one has the intent, or the enthusiasm to smudge, it is easy to abandon the process of smudging at the initial stage of buying a smudge stick! I have seen many forgotten smudge sticks in clients’ homes because they felt that smudging was too complicated to even try. As with anything new, it is helpful to know the benefits of any process you are planning to do. Why should you smudge your home? Do you actually need to smudge it? Can you do this in a way that is simple and enjoyable? Are there any other ways to clear the energy in your home? And what makes smudging so special?

Just like in dating, the more questions you ask, the better—and sooner—you will know if it is worth investing in this relationship. I use the word “relationship” because, ideally, entering the world of smudging means entering a beautiful and long-term relationship. As with any relationship, you go through stages in order to get to a place of deep intimacy and commitment. I will help you answer these questions and share many different ways to smudge, including some really simple ways that allow you to smudge even several times a day with much enjoyment.

I have been smudging my home for many years; sometimes I smudge my home simply because the scent of sage makes me feel centered and peaceful. I have grown to truly love and admire the spirit of this herb, and experience its energy as an intimate, loyal, and cherished presence. As I am a feng shui consultant, I can immediately feel how the energy in my home can shift after I have been out all day and bring home busy, hectic, and sometimes negative energies from outside. In this situation, a quick two- to three-minute smudging can do wonders to calm and purify both the space and my own energy.

The beauty of smudging is that it can be as simple and quick or as complex and elaborate as your heart desires. Once you know the basics and all the optional “add-ons,” you will feel more empowered to create your own rituals to fit any situation. The process of smudging can be simple, enjoyable, and deeply centering and grounding. The main benefit of smudging, however, lies in its ability to purify the energy of your home in order to help you live with vibrant, happy, and peaceful energy.

What Makes Smudging So Powerful?

Let us start by clearly defining smudging. In a nutshell, smudging is the process of burning various sacred substances such as herbs, resins, or woods in order to purify the energy in any given space. Smudging is also used to purify one’s own energy, as well as items such as jewelry, decor items, and even clothing. This purification occurs when the smoke produced from burning these sacred substances spreads into the air.

There are many techniques for purifying your space, most commonly known as space clearing techniques. These techniques use movement, various vibrations of sound, water, words, and scents, and the most powerful space clearing rituals always involve the power of fire. Even in the form of a small burning candle, fire brings what no other element can—swift purification and illumination.

Sitting around the fire was a sacred ritual in many ancient tribes and communities, and the benefits provided by a fire go far beyond physical warmth. Fire illuminates and inspires; it warms our hearts and purifies our energies. It connects us to the energy of Spirit; it brings trust and meaning to the often chaotic human life. Fire dispels not only visual darkness, but more importantly, energetic darkness. It clears both your personal energy field and the surrounding space of stagnant energy, painful memory residues, negative attachments, and a vast array of energetic debris in your aura. There are many purifying and calming meditative techniques in which one is encouraged to look into the flame in order to move deeper and deeper to a place of power, trust, and strength.

Even though all elements are considered sacred, the fire element, represented by the sun, possesses a unique, life-giving power. Language referring to the Soul has always included fiery terms—the flame of the Soul, the spark of life, etc. Fire is also the only element that moves in only one direction—upward toward the sky—and thus it is considered to have a direct connection to the Spirit, Source, or the Ultimate Creator.

When living in Bali, one of my most cherished memories involved walking with a friend late one afternoon and suddenly smelling the scent of incense coming from every direction. We were on a road in an open field, the sun was setting gently, and the soft wind was bringing that aroma in waves so as to softly caress us with it. Even though it felt like I was transported to a magical place, I was also very attuned to everything around me. The exhaustion of the long journey to Bali lifted off my shoulders as if it had never existed.

Such is the power of fire; it can create truly transformative energy when skillfully combined with herbs, resins, or woods. Of course, fire can also burn and destroy; in its extreme expression, it becomes a force of wrath and destruction. Knowing how to handle the spirit of fire requires respect, patience, and deep humility. This is the main reason why only shamans and elders performed purifying ceremonies in ancient cultures. They had the inner power to handle fire.

The Benefits of Smudging

The process of smudging your home, especially when done regularly, will create calm and clear energy in your home. No matter which form of smudging you choose —from herbs to woods to resins—you are working with powerful elements from nature. These natural substances offer their power to transmute all the negative and stagnant energy present in our homes. Along with clearing low energy, they have the power to bless and protect. Mother Nature, beautifully complex, is always there to give us more, to reveal more secrets, to open our eyes to simple ways to live happier lives, and we are there to give back.

Everything is energy. You, your house, your car, the neighbour that annoys you, your favorite flowers—absolutely everything is energy. We are all living in an intricately woven collective web of energy that constantly affects us, and we affect it with our thoughts and emotions. One of the most important factors in this dance, the factor that can be either an ally or an enemy, is the energy in your home.

Your personal energy affects all areas of your life, including your ability to manifest your dreams. The energy in your home has to be clear, strong, and nourishing in order to support you and your personal energy. Your health and happiness depend on the quality of energy in your home. Regular smudging rituals help clear the energy in your home and provide a good energetic foundation for a happy home. Smudging also brings deeply nourishing energy into a home, a quality of energy that is both soothing and reassuring. This energy has deeply healing effects on all who live there, because it brings powerful vibrations from nature, an energetic kind of food that our bodies long for and need in order to keep healthy in this world.

Ultimately, we all long for a peaceful, calm place in which to relax and get in touch with ourselves, as well as the ones we love. The only way to reach that state is to realign our energies with the rhythms and power of nature.

Smudging is a beautiful and easy way to bring these rhythms into our homes on a regular basis. Regular smudging rituals realign our energy, heal it, and strengthen the necessary energetic protection around our bodies and our homes.

Excerpt from the book “The Healing Power of Smudging: Cleansing Rituals to Purify Your Home, Attract Positive Energy and Bring Peace into Your Life “, Ulysses Press, Dec.2017
Rodika Tchi


Rodika Tchi is a master feng shui consultant, teacher, and author of two best-selling books on feng shui. She is the creator of The Feng Shui Home & Life Makeover, and has loyal clients all over the world. More about Rodika at