How To Decorate Your Home with the Metal Feng Shui Element

Easy feng shui decorating with the Metal element: bring clarity, freshness, and ease into your space

I adore the presence of color white in my home decor, in flowers, in art, clothing, etc. I love all colors (the brighter, the better!), but there is sure something about the purity and freshness of white color that touches my heart in a way no other color can. It brings calm and fresh peace to my space, and I love its energy for it! In the language of the 5 feng shui elements, white color brings the presence of the Metal element. This is the energy of purity, preciseness, freshness, discipline, and clarity.

Out of the 5 feng shui elements, I find the Metal element the one that is most misused, meaning either overused (which often creates a space that is cold and unwelcoming, even though it may look very chic) or underused (often the case with spaces that have tons of warmth and creativity but no structure or freshness). So, how do you bring the Metal element in just the right amount? Let’s explore the magic of the Metal feng shui element with the same structure as we did the other feng shui elements (Fire, Earth, Wood, and Water).

As with the other articles on feng shui elements decorating, I am dividing the Metal element decorating basics in 3 clear and easy sections: “When”, “Where” and “How” to use it, and then the infographic below should help you assimilate and apply the feng shui info.

To Decorate with the Metal Feng Shui Element

Work with the Metal feng shui element when you need crisp, clear, fresh and dynamic quality of energy in your home or office. You might need a stronger presence of the Metal feng shui element energy if you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, when you lack clarity with your direction in life or just experience low, lazy energy.

It is also good to bring the presence of Metal feng shui element when you start new business projects or want to move on to a whole new level with your life experiences.

To Focus on the Metal Element Decor

The Metal feng shui element is needed in the West, Northwest and North bagua areas of your home or office (if you are working with the Classical feng shui bagua). If you are working with the Western/BTB bagua, then bring a strong Metal feng shui element decor in your Children and Creativity, Helpful People and Blessings and Career and Path in Life bagua areas.

To Decorate with the Metal Feng Shui Element

The freshness, clarity and strong cooling energy of the Metal element can be expressed in colors white and gray, a variety of metallic finishes, in round shapes, as well as numerous decor items made from metal, of course.


Now let’s explore the Water feng shui element decor, as this is the element that is most nourished by Metal. (Have you noticed that we are following the feng shui productive cycle to explore all 5 elements?)

Photo via New England Home; Infographic by Rodika Tchi

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