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7. Slow Down: Use Stepping Stones

The art of slowing down and being in the moment is becoming very precious these days. It is important to make a conscious effort in your garden to promote a slow and gently meandering quality of energy, an energy that slows your down and soothes the nervous system. Straight paths are never used in feng shui, as they are considered to bring sharp, negative energy. Nature does not create things in a straightforward manner, and good feng shui is all about following the laws of nature. While making a path in your garden, along with having it gently and slowly meander, add a few stepping stones to it. This will create a playful, and at the same time mindful energy in your garden. It will also promote good feng shui energy, helping your body to stop, pay attention and just be in the present moment.

8.Practical Beauty: Garden Stools

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The more color you add to your garden, the more vibrant its energy. Of course, the more you combine it with the practical aspect in terms of your garden needs, the better energy you create. We love these colorful and happy garden stools that can be used in a variety of ways. In addition to being used as stools, you can also use them as side tables, a small coffee table or as a display stand for any special items such as crystals, for example. Feng shui-wise, the same rules apply — decide the best placement of your chosen stool according to its color as an expression of a specific feng shui element. For example, a bright yellow color stool is excellent in the South area of your garden because it expresses the Fire feng shui element of this direction.

9. The Power of Meaningful Garden Decor

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Each decor item in your garden brings a specific quality of energy. When you intentionally place your decor items, you start creating powerful energy in your garden and around your home. In feng shui, there is a large body of knowledge revealing the symbolism of specific images. In most cases, this language can be applied in your garden in order to strengthen its feng shui energy. For example, the turtle is a popular feng shui cure for stability and protection, and its best feng shui placement is either in the North area or in the back of the house. The ancient energy of the turtle helps bring strong backing to your house. Of course, a Buddha statue is also a very popular feng shui cure with energy that every home and garden can use more of! The best placement of a big Buddha statue is in the Northwest or Northeast areas of your garden. If you decide to go for the Laughing Buddha statue for your garden, then its best placement is in the Southeast area.

10. Sitting Pretty: Good Feng Shui Garden Furniture

feng shui garden decor

When choosing furniture for your garden, why not go for a colorful and unique expression of energy? Without compromising on the quality, of course. We love these garden furniture pieces for their unique energy, be it playful, harmonious or just a very happy one. If you go for a brightly colored piece, be mindful of its positioning in your garden. For example, the soothing aqua blue color bench is an excellent feng shui addition to the East, Southeast or North areas of your garden, while the bright orange table set with barstools is best in the South or Southwest areas. These choices are based on the expression of color as a specific feng shui element, then matching these elements with the bagua areas that need them.

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