Feng Shui Flower Symbols: Part 2

Continued from Part 1: Secrets of Feng Shui Flower Symbols

5. Chrysanthemum

The most popular feng shui symbol of the chrysanthemum is the energy of happiness and joy that it brings into one’s home. Because chrysanthemums represent the sun – especially the ones with golden yellow color flowers – they bring into your home the energy similar to the happy, life-giving energy brought by the sun.

Did you know that chrysanthemums were first cultivated in China? The cheerful, happy chrysanthemum was such a beloved symbol in this culture that a whole city was named after this lucky flower! Apart from its symbolic meaning of nobility, yang/sun-like energy and vitality, the chrysanthemum also has medicinal properties and is used in healing teas.

6. Narcissus

feng shui flower symbols - narcissus

We usually call narcissus daffodils, which is its most popular variety, along with the cheerful paperwhites that grace our homes in early spring. The crisp energy of freshness and renewal is an obvious meaning of the narcissus as it usually comes while there is still snow on the ground. In feng shui narcissus also symbolizes good luck, especially in one’s career. If you want to use it as a career feng shui cure, best to go for a white color narcissus plant (or photo) displayed in the Career bagua area of your home or office. In Chinese culture, daffodils were also considered to protect from evil spirits.

7. Rose

feng shui flower symbols - rose

Roses are definitely considered the queen of flowers in many cultures. The symbolism of roses is complex and depends on specific cultural roots and history. The most common thread, though, throughout all cultures, is the association of roses with love. The pink and red color roses are sure the best ones to be used as a love and marriage feng shui symbol. The peach colored ones represent comfort and stability, while the yellow roses bring hope into your home and nourish the spirit.

8. Lilac

feng shui flower symbols - lilac

The lilac is said to symbolize humility in Chinese culture, so it can be used as a feng shui symbol for patience. It’s a joyful and hopeful kind of patience, as the stunning lilac has a lot of richness in its essence. This beautiful flower comes in two of the most spiritually enhancing colors – white and purple (from light lavender to rich deep purple color), as well as an intoxicatingly vibrant, life-giving scent. You can use the image of lilac as a symbol of hope and joyful patience anywhere in the home you need a burst of happy energy. A quality of happy energy that is unrushed, trusted and patient. And if you are lucky to find a bunch of fresh lilac flowers, be sure to fully enjoy their presence in your home!

Photo sources: bride2be.tumblr.com, unknown/via pinterest.com, GeorgiannaLane/etsy.com, silviya-simplelife.blogspot.ca
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