Signs of Blocked Qi in Your Home (and in Your Life)

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Excerpt from Rodika’s new book “Feng Shui for Healing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Wellness in Your Home Sanctuary

Here are the signs that your home Qi flow and quality need to be corrected because you and your home Qi are not in harmony. When your home Qi is working against you:

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  • You tend to feel irritable and constantly look to improveyour life rather than enjoy it.
  • Your relationships tend to have a lot of turmoil, or they end abruptly.
  • You are not happy with your career, and you struggle financially.
  • You dream of a happy intimate relationship and do not understand why you fail to attract a good partner.
  • Your health fluctuates dramatically.
  • You often feel low in energy and leave the projects you dream about for later.
  • Boredom and lack of enthusiasm are states you are used to.
  • You feel isolated in your house and in your life.
  • You are not enjoying the present and would rather think of the past or get lost in an imaginary future.
  • No matter how hard you try, accomplishing your goals and dreams seem to elude you.

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