The Best and the Worst Feng Shui Use of Mirrors in Your Home Decorating

How to decorate with mirrors for good feng shui in your home

Famously called the aspirin of feng shui, mirrors can bring really good energy when used wisely. A smart feng shui use of mirrors will make the space bigger and brighter, it will attract the desired energy of abundance and calm, it will correct various design mistakes, as well as attract more fresh, vital energy into your home.​

In feng shui decorating, every little detail matters, so when it comes to bigger decorating decisions such as decorating with mirrors, it is important to know what is it exactly that you are trying to achieve by bringing a mirror to a specific room or location in the house. A random feng shui placement of mirrors, no matter how beautiful or visually appealing they look, can often create unexpectedly bad feng shui energy.

Let’s look at the best and the worst placement of mirrors in your home, from the main entrance to your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and other spaces. I want to connect you to the powerful feng shui magic of mirrors and to help you use it wisely in creating really good feng shui energy for you and your family.

The Main Entry Mirror

A mirror in the main entry is usually good feng shui for several reasons — it brings more light into the often small entry, it works on a practical level to check your look before leaving home, and it can also add a touch of luxury (if the mirror frame is glamorous or unique).

However, there is one really bad feng shui placement of mirrors in the main entry that is important to be aware of and avoid in your own home.

A mirror facing the front door is really bad feng shui as it pushes away all the good energy (Chi) that you want to come inside the house.

A Mirror Facing A Staircase

Your hallway can benefit from mirrors just as much the main entry can, this applies to both big and small hallways. However, a crucial question to ask yourself here is the following — what will the mirror reflect if I place it there?

The one placement to avoid at all costs is placing a mirror facing the staircase. Why? Staircases are considered challenging in feng shui, no matter which bagua area of the house they are located in. Placing a mirror reflecting the staircase only doubles the unsettling and ungrounding energy of the staircase.

The same applies to a mirror facing a bathroom, a laundry room, the garage door…  you get it. Double the good energy, not the bad one.

Big Mirrors Facing Each Other

While a big mirror in any space looks appealing because it adds beauty, light, and a sense of spaciousness (especially if the mirror is beautifully framed), placing mirrors so that they directly reflect each other is considered challenging feng shui. This specific placement of mirrors creates a constant bouncing of energy similar to a very active and chaotic movement, which is definitely not good feng shui in any home. (This placement can be good in an area where you want the energy to move very fast, but you have to be careful and wise if you want to use this specific feng shui application.)

Mirrors in the Living Room

Your living room can benefit from a number of various displays of mirrors, and even a big selection of them if you choose wisely. You can create a look similar to a gallery wall that can look quite stunning and be quite good feng shui, too. Just be sure that this big display is in the right feng shui bagua area, as well as that the mirrors are placed high enough so that there is no use of them as an actual mirror, just an awesome reflection of light. You do not want anyone in your family — and especially the little ones — to see their reflections chopped and incomplete.

A Mirror Above the Fireplace

One of the best feng shui uses of mirrors —  and a very traditional one — is the use of a big mirror above the fireplace. In feng shui terms, a mirror above the fireplace calms its Fire feng shui element and brings more tranquil energy.

This placement is especially important if the fireplace is located in a feng shui bagua area that does not like the Fire feng shui element, such as the West or the Northwest bagua areas, for example. It is also a very good feng shui addition if you have a fireplace in your Health or your Money area.

Mirrors in the Dining Room

A mirror in the dining room is a traditional feng shui example of excellent feng shui use of mirrors, as it doubles (energetically) the amount of food, thus inviting more wealth and abundance. It also creates more light in the space, so this is always excellent feng shui. Again, be sure to place the mirror so that it reflects the dining table, or brings in beautiful energy from the window view, rather than reflecting a door to the nearby bathroom, for example.

Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are obviously a necessity. The only time you might want to go for smaller mirrors is when your bathroom is located in a feng shui bagua area that does not like the Water element brought by mirrors. Otherwise, the bigger the mirrors the better as they will create a cleaning sort of action and a fresh reflection of the light around them.

A Mirror Above the Bed

A mirror above the bed is not good feng shui. Apart from the practical sense of the possible danger of having a heavy item above your head while you sleep, mirrors also constantly circulate a lot of energy. This is the sort of movement that is definitely best to avoid behind your back (or above your head!) when your body needs cocooning and resting at night. They also bring the energy of the Water element that is always best avoided in the bedroom.

A Mirror Reflecting the Bed

Another bad feng shui positioning of a mirror in the bedroom is when the mirror is reflecting the bed; this is definitely a placement to avoid at all costs. It weakens your energy, the energy of your relationship, and can possibly bring undesired energy into your marriage.

Mirrors in the Kitchen

Unless tiny and decorative, a mirror in the kitchen is usually not a very good feng shui idea. Mirrors bring the energy of the Water element and the kitchen is the domain of Fire; these two elements clash and create conflicting energy in an area where you want happy, harmonious, and nurturing energy. However, use your best judgment if you have an open concept kitchen that seamlessly flows into the breakfast nook or the dining area, or if you have a really big (or really small) kitchen.

Mirrors in the Home Office

The worst feng shui positioning of a mirror in your home office — or in a child study — is behind your back while sitting at the desk. Other than that, you can use the same judgment in placing mirrors in your home office as you do in the living room: be mindful as to what the mirror reflects and which bagua area the mirror is placed in. You also do not want the mirror to face the office door directly as this will push away all the good energy and leave the space without energetic nourishment (especially important if your home office has small or no windows.)

To sum it all up:

The worst feng shui ways to place a mirror

  • On the wall facing any door, especially the front door
  • Facing the bed or above the bed
  • Behind your back in the office
  • Placed in a way that reflects challenging energy (staircase, powerlines, etc).
  • Placed in a way in which it shows a chopped reflection of any family member, especially children.

The best feng shui ways to place a mirror

  • Reflecting light or an inspiring, beautiful view
  • Placed in the best feng shui bagua area (the areas that love the Water element)
  • In the Money or Health feng shui area.
  • A mirror that allows one to see him or herself fully is always good feng shui, as it reflects back to you your own image. The closet or the space near the closet is ideal for a full-length mirror.

Be sure your home has at least a couple of mirrors because any space needs the cool, calm, and refreshing energy brought by these powerful feng shui magicians! And, once you know how to use mirrors to multiply the good energy, and feel the actual difference it brings, you will be excited to learn more about feng shui and apply it in your home!

Rodika Tchi

Rodika Tchi is a master feng shui consultant and author of two best-selling books on feng shui -- "The Healing Power of Smudging" (Simon and Schuster, 2017) and "Feng Shui for Healing" (Rockridge Press, 2019). Connect with Rodika on