The Mythical Chi Lin, a Royal Feng Shui Guardian

Chi Lin, the Dragon Horse, is a classical feng shui protection cure. Also called the Dragon Horse, or the Chinese Unicorn, Chi Lin brings strong, protective feng shui energy with blessings of good health and prosperity and fortune.

This classical feng shui cure is a mythical creature with the head of a Dragon, the body of a Horse, and the scales of a Carp fish. Chi Lin is very loyal to its owner and will protect the house from evil spirits. Chi Lin has a higher royal status that other feng shui guardians.

You can benefit from the energy of this feng shui guardian in many ways – bring a small sculpture into ​your home, choose an embroidery with the Chi Lin image, a feng shui tassel, or carry Chi Lin with you as a keychain. You can place the Chi Lin near the main entrance, in the family room, or in your office.

Do not place the Chi Lin in your bedroom, kitchen, or your bathroom.

As with most traditional feng shui cures, Chi Lin comes in many materials, colors, finishes, and sizes. The best choice will be determined by your personal aesthetics, as well as the needed feng shui elements color, and materials.

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Rodika Tchi


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