The New Home & Life Feng Shui Makeover starts in September

The Feng Shui Home & Life Makeover is in its second season now! We start again in September. If you are genuine in your commitment to live a meaningful, purposeful life, to live it in a way that brings joy and love to you and those around you, consider joining us.

The doors open soon, and I am so looking forward to leading another group of students into using this ancient body of knowledge! We are together for 7 weeks, we have three live Q&A sessions where I answer all your questions. The course guides you via numerous videos and audios crafted in a specific sequence for maximum learning during our 7 weeks process. You will not only understand and know how to successfully apply feng shui, but, more importantly, you will know how to apply it in your specific life and your specific home, so that you can finally welcome the desired change and transformation into your life.

You have lifetime access to the course (and a 7 day full refund guarantee). Once a student, you can join us at any later time again at no additional cost and ask your feng shui questions. I have students ranging in age from 18 to 70, from all parts of the world.

If you are familiar with my work, you know I do not play with ducks and wind chimes by the door, or tell you little tricks that will attract a lover or a perfect career overnight.

Feng shui is a super complex and deeply layered art and science, and approaching it with intelligence and humility is the only way to be successful with it.

I will not let you go into any extremes of modern feng shui applications — from the magical thinking with unicorns and rainbows over inspirational quotes in a specific bagua area (when your closets are stuffed/ugly and your home is starving for loving attention) — to rigid feng shui calculations based on so-called ancient formulas (very often lost in translation and completely misinterpreted).

Powerlessness and ignorance are two aspects of human nature that I am constantly on guard on, both in myself and in those I work with. We are all here with our own blind spots, and I believe we all do our best. When it comes to dissolving stereotypes, though, as well as falsity/lies and pretend energy, I am very compassionate but also gently fearless.

I respect your God given intelligence because I respect mine, so we will journey in a way that is truthful and powerful, and, most importantly, compatible with who you are and what you genuinely need and want.

The feng shui I teach and practice is intelligent application of a very deep and ancient body of wisdom that is severely misinterpreted and misused. My focus in this course is on you and your well-being, not on telling you about feng shui history and theory (that have also been misinterpreted over the ages). I teach you the theory, of course, but more in order to evoke its essence, to create a good and practical foundation for our work, as well as to honour the true masters that shared this body of wisdom with humanity.

My goal for this 7 weeks journey together is to guide you from a possible state of anxiety, confusion, feeling lost, sad — any negative states that are only becoming stronger now with all the outer pressure — to a state of calm and confidence.

And yes, you might just attract that perfect lover or find that amazing career, for sure! Once you are in a state of calm ownership of your own energy, you can easily and consciously open doors to all sorts of beautiful and valuable experiences.

My goal is to lead you to the shore of an empowered and genuine well-being, a place of full sovereignty over your personal space, both physical and energetic. The main skills we are using are the skills of listening, understanding and working with your home (and office, if desired) to bring about the life you are here to live.

Below are just a few testimonials (from students and clients); you can click here to get on the list and be notified when we open the doors. I hope to see you in the course!

“I’ve worked a lot on my bedroom and now I feel grateful that I have a wonderful, adoring partner ~ we just made it to 7 months this week! Thanks so much for your warm and intelligent guidance in the Feng Shui Makeover course!” 

T. Little
  • “I LOVED the Feng Shui Makeover! I can’t believe how much I have learned from you. It feels like you are right in my living room, as a close friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” (K. Pischiwa)

  • “I am so grateful for the opportunity to dive deeper with you in the Makeover course! I have followed you for YEARS! Thank you for always showing up so fully, and so open-hearted.” (J. Ben-Asher)

  • “Thank you again for all your magic, I am feeling wonderful in this home where until little while ago I felt I couldn’t live here anymore! Am very grateful to you. Thank you! I can never thank you enough.” (N. Lohia)

  • “I love your intense energy and intelligence! I would like to be able to stay on track the way you do. I must say I learned much more than I could have imagined and really it was what I came for!” (W.Webb)

  • “Your passion, expertise, and presence deeply touched and inspired me. You manifest a profoundly real and positive force and an authentically generous heart.” (J.David)
Rodika Tchi


Rodika Tchi is a master feng shui consultant, teacher, and author of two best-selling books on feng shui. She is the creator of The Feng Shui Home & Life Makeover, and has loyal clients all over the world. More about Rodika at