Do You Know the Sun Moon Mirror Cure?

The Sun Moon Mirror in feng shui — what it is, how to make it and how to use it

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There are many transcendental feng shui adjustments or cures in the BTB school of feng shui (on which the Western school of feng shui is based on).  Basically, a transcendental feng shui cure is a way to work with the invisible, or hidden levels of energy, so it is not a feng shui cure that you will visibly display in your home or office.

The Sun Moon Mirror Meditation – even though called a meditation – is basically a way to charge a mirror with potent natural energy, and then use this mirror in a subtle way when and where it is most needed.  The Sun Moon Mirror Meditation is also considered a good feng shui way to strengthen your personal energy and bring more wisdom and clarity. Let me share with you the info on this transcendental feng shui adjustment.

Please keep in mind that in BTB feng shui school the info on transcendental cures is guarded by honouring the tradition of red envelopes. Since you and I are communicating on-line and you cannot really give me 9 red envelopes, the next best thing is for you to acknowledge the BTB tradition of 9 red envelopes. 

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Here are the Materials You Need:

2 small round mirrors or 1 double-sided mirror

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Use a way that is appropriate for you to mark the way to … Continue reading on Patreon

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