Top 10 Feng Shui Garden Decor We Love

good feng shui garden lights

1. Lights

Good lighting is a must have for good feng shui in any space. We all respond to beautiful lighting as it replicates the power of the sun and the life-giving energy of the Fire feng shui element. Good lighting is also one of the best ways to bring the feeling of happiness and delight into your garden. Feng shui-wise, there is no area of your garden that will not benefit from the light energy. Unless you plan to create a really elaborate and intense display of lights, you can place garden lights in any bagua area of your garden. We have found quite a few good lighting options for your garden; which one is your garden longing for?

2. Fountains

good feng shui fountains

One of the most popular feng shui cures of all times, fountains can create excellent energy in any garden. When placed according to the needs of the bagua, or the feng shui map of your garden, fountains will attract auspicious energy both into your home, as well as your garden. As a potent feng shui Water element cure, the best way to place a big fountain is in the East, Southeast or North areas of your garden. Avoid a big fountain in the South area.

Good Feng Shui Garden Decor: Items 3-6

Rodika Tchi


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